How to Build & Monetize Your Fitness App?

According to Mobile Data Analytics Platform -Data.AI, downloads of Health and Fitness Apps for Home Workout increased by 40% in March due to #Covid19

As the world is struggling to win over happiness and peace, people across the globe have started putting lots of efforts over health and fitness activities. Everyone today is talking about health and exploring potential ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Due to invoked awareness towards health, we have witnessed a massive demand for health and fitness app as well as wearable and health equipment.

You can find hundreds of new and updated online fitness apps on various app stores and a greater number of such apps is being added every day in day out. The reason is simple as people are looking for such apps and wearable to utilize in their day-to-day life.
The increasing trend of health and fitness lifestyle has wooed the attention of investors, and they are looking to invest in the health and fitness sector by providing users with practical and useful fitness. If you are planning to invest in a fitness app, then this article is for you.

The article will help our readers and clients who are looking for tips to build fitness and exploring how to monetize fitness. So, here we go;

Some Facts About Fitness Industry

$1029.2 Million is the total growth projection for Fitness App by 2023 from US$645.0 in 2017

$16,857 Million is the total revenue generated in the Fitness segment in 2019.

The image given below is the graph of the total revenue of leading mobile apps for health and fitness apps segment for the Android platform.

Statistic: Leading health and fitness apps in the Google Play Store worldwide in June 2019, by revenue (in U.S. dollars) | Statista

So, now let’s build a fitness app now…

Types of Fitness App

A fitness app can be of many kinds, and you need to decide for which industry you want to invest in. You can choose the type from the given fitness categories.

  • Exercise and Physical Workouts App
  • Diet & Meals Plan Apps
  • Personal Training Fitness App
  • Multi-purpose Fitness Apps
  • Fitness Tracking Apps
  • Meditation/Wellness Apps

These are some of the categories on which you can get the idea of developing a fitness application. However, before you choose the type, you need to go through intense research. You need which fitness segment will be beneficial. There can be plenty of segments such as Fitness-Tracking Apps, Workout Fitness Apps, Social Fitness Apps, Competitive Fitness Apps, Altruistic Fitness Apps. Now, you need to keep some crucial things in your mind like.

What is the Industry Trend?

If you are planning to build health and fitness application, then you need to decide which fitness segment will be beneficial for you. You can choose after going through some users data online and find out which segment of health and fitness applications are high in demand.

  • The Global Fitness App Market is anticipated to grow at 23% CAGR through the forecast period.
  • A Survey say Global Fitness App Market is expected to grow up to 2 Billion USD by 2023

Who Are You Developing the App for?

Yes, you think about your potential users as only then you will be able to provide them with the excellent user experience. Who are you developing the fitness app for and how they will get the benefits? Having got through this, you will be able to provide them with the right fitness solutions. Here are some of the tips which you can consider before developing fitness.

By Peer Group

Age is, again, the most important thing that you need to keep in mind while developing the fitness application. Choose what age segment of people are more focused on fitness, then plan your app accordingly.

By User Type

Evaluate the users, whom you would like to focus on like their financial status, if you are planning a create a fitness app for some specific type of user, then you need to plan the app accordingly. For example, you need to go through what are their needs as far as health is concerned.

By Profession

You need to come up with robust and perfect fitness solutions for the people according to their profession. Features and functionalities may differ for the people indulge in various professions.

By Region to Serve

The region to serve is also crucial when it comes to developing a fitness application. There are different fitness challenges from one region, country and state to another. If you compare the fitness challenge between the USA and China or India, you will find a huge difference. So, you need to keep the region in mind while developing the application.

Fitness App Features

Features are based on the type of fitness app you have. Besides, you can customize the features as per your requirement. Here are some of the common features which you should consider having at the initial state;

  • Log-in/Authentication
  • Social integration
  • Accessible everywhere
  • Push notifications
  • Great design and usability
  • Goal setting
  • Exercise or activity tracking
  • Progress tracking
  • Accountability
  • Settings
  • Features Menu
Fitness App Features

Monetization of Fitness App

There is always a purpose behind investing in something. Here also, monetizing your fitness application may be the sole reasons, and you have plenty of ways to do so. However, before we go deep down into it, let’s understand what is monetizing.

What Is Mobile App Monetization?

Mobile app monetization is a way to generate revenue and earn profits from an app, whatever it may be. According to a study conducted by Statista,

7 Million

apps available at Google Play Store as of June 2019 data.

$462 Billion

revenue worldwide generated through mobile apps.

2 Million

apps on Apple App Store as of January 2017 data.

According to ComScore, Smartphone users aged between 18-24 spend an average 2.3 hours with mobile apps.

If you go to similar findings, you will find plenty of different reports which can give you an idea of how to monetize your fitness app.
There are various ways through which you can monetize the app.

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Fitness App Monetization Model

You can monetize your app through various ways such as adding ‘ads’, in-app payment, paid services, and much more. Here are some of the ways to get your fitness app to monetize and earn a flawless income of your choice.

Ads Monetization Model

When we think about monetization ‘ads’ comes first in the row as it is the very common model. You can place ads on your app by adding an ‘ads’ button and generate revenue. In the case of the Fitness app, you can set up agreements with companies selling health and fitness equipment, products and services. Besides, you can also get sustainable income through some of the top ‘Ad Networks’ such as ‘Admob,’ ‘Unity Ads,’ ‘Facebook Audience Network,’ ‘InMobi,’ etc.
Add these ‘ad networks’ with your app and get sustainable income consistently.

In-App Payment

There is yet another way of earning income through the app by enabling in-app payment. It can be implied in various ways. For example, if you are providing some premium services, then you can charge for app download and let users get all the premium facilities. For example, you can offer common/general services free of charges while for some special services, you charge to your subscriber.

Subscription Plan

When you have a fitness application, there could be different subscription options, and for advanced level, you can charge your users as well. Prepare two types of fitness services, one you can offer free of cost and the other you should charge for.

Special/Premium Services

You can have some premium features which you can provide the paid users only. It doesn’t mean that you have to charge for all features and services. You can charge your users for unlimited features and advanced services. Apart from that, there are some other services which can be included under a fitness app. Such as;

Audio/Video Fitness Clips

You can have audio clips which will include short exercise tips or routine wise exercise tips for your premium users. Through audio, you can also provide diet recipes and health tips. Besides, Videos explaining the right exercise postures and the customized expercise can also help you monetize your app. There can be plenty of things that can be done to make to more adorable. For example, you can help users with exclusive videos, fitness coaches, etc.

Which Monetization Model Works

There are plenty of monetization models such as single payment options, subscription models and advertising. Out of all these options, the Subscription monetizing model is working well on the top of the list.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can also get more revenue for you. For example, when you have a fitness app, you can promote brands who are dealing in fitness equipment and healthy diets.

Fitness Equipment Promotion

You can put ads for fitness equipment in your app and it will be visible to the users. You will get the revenue as per the agreements you have with your partners. For example, if you are being paid as per click, then every time your users click on the ads, you will get some certain amount of money credited in your account.

Healthy Diet Promotion

People are also curious and want to invest in healthy diets and supplements. You can sign ads contracts with some of the healthy diets and supplement brands and place their ads to your mobile fitness app.  You can have the same level of contracts with each brand here.

SMS/eMail Marketing

This is a bit tricky, but you can do if you have permission from your users. You can provide some certain details from your customers to your brand partners. For example, you can provide the contact details or email ID of your users to the health and fitness equipment and diet and supplement brands. You will get a good sum of money on this behalf.

Final Words
Health and fitness industry is booming as people having a lot of seriousness towards their health. They are looking for some practical ways to remain fit and healthy and get peace and tranquillity.
Taking exercise, yoga, workouts, physical activities and having balanced diets is the mantra for winning over the challenge of fitness and health. However, most of the people need advice, suggestion and guide how to take exercise, preparing workouts plan, teaching the right yoga posture, and having a healthy and balanced diet.
For all these things, you need someone and something to guide through. For all your goals for Fitness, Health and Fitness App is the right way to go ahead.

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