Grocery App Development Solutions, We Deliver

There is a range of different Grocery booking services for meeting different requirements and addressing different niches. Being a global leader in Grocery booking app development, we have gathered experience and expertise in providing all types of Grocery app development services like -

Delivery App

Retailers can use this platform for digitizing their grocery business & reaching more customers by providing them door-to-door deliveries with the ease of purchasing grocery from the comfort of their homes.

Grocery Business

The grocery company chain apps helps connect and manage multiple shops with a single app, providing a hassle-free shopping experience for both the seller and the customer.


Increase your customer reach and expand your consumer base by reaching a major pool of audience that are not willing to visit physically crowded shopping centres or supermarkets.

Direct To
Home Delivery

Grocery delivery mobile apps development enables local farms to sell fresh and organic items to customers without the participation of a third party.

Vegetable & Fruit
Delivery App

Buy organic and fresh products like vegetables, fruits, and meat at your doorstep from the best company or local farms of your choice.


This grocery app allows local shops to advertise their goods to potential buyers, acting as a conduit for communication between buyers & vendors.

On-Demand Grocery App Business Model

Our tailored grocery app development services meet your unique app ideas and vision for your grocery app solutions. We at 7xcel create grocery delivery mobile apps suitable for Single Grocery Shop Owners, Multi-Vendor Grocery Marketplace, and Grocery Chain Stores. We will match your unique requests and objectives with our best-fit grocery app development solutions.

Grocery Stores App for Single Store

Multi-Vendor Grocery Marketplaces

Grocery App for Grocery Chain Stores

On-Demand Grocery App Business Model

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Features of Grocery App for Successful Grocery Business

7xcel is a customer-centric supermarket app development firm that creates and distributes fully-integrated, customized grocery app solutions. Our on-demand grocery app is jam-packed with features that cater to a variety of consumers and merchants. We at 7xcel are proficient in providing unparalleled full stack grocery app solutions that makes supermarket shopping a breeze. The following are some of the important features available in our custom grocery app development services -

GDPR Compliant

Proper Navigation

Secure Payment

AWS Cloud Hosted

256-bit Encryption

Shopping Management

Order Routing

Multi-Language Support

Multi Payment

Integrated Analytics

One-Click Support

Advance Dashboard

Grocery Delivery Customer App

Shop smarter with our grocery app. Quickly add items, compare prices & get the best deals. Manage your shopping list & get what you need in no time. Enjoy convenience from the comfort of your home.

  • Register/Login
  • User Profile Management
  • Help Desk
  • Order History
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Detailed Categories
  • Easy Checkout
  • Advanced Search Filter
  • Product Sorting Options
  • Manage Notification Preference
  • Product Listing
  • Order Cancel & Reorder
  • Order Tracking
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Vendor Information
  • Location Based Product Listing
  • Product Details
  • Wish List
  • Grocery User App Screen
    Grocery User App Login
    Grocery User App Home
    Grocery User App Categories
    Grocery User App Brand Screen
    Grocery User App product list
    Grocery User App Menu
    Grocery User App Product detail
    Grocery User App profile
    Grocery User App Re Order
    Grocery User App payment
    Grocery User App Cart

    Grocery App Admin Panel

    Grocery Booking Admin App Dashboard

    Effortlessly manage your grocery app with our intuitive admin panel. Monitor pricing, item availability, streamline operations, and create marketing campaigns. View analytics and manage customer profiles with ease.

    • Authentication
    • One Click Dashboard
    • Vendor Management
    • Push Notification
    • Brand Management
    • Discount & Offer Management
    • Subscription Plan
    • User Management
    • Category Management
    • Measuring Units Management
    • Product Management
    • Pay & Commission Management
    • Email & SMS Campaign
    • Analysis & Reports
    Build Grocery Vendor Software

    Grocery Store Vendor Panel

    Streamline your grocery sales with our vendor app. Create and manage an online store, add products, customize pricing, manage inventory, and track performance with real-time analytics. Get started quickly with our intuitive user interface.

    • Driver Profile
    • Dashboard
    • Push Notification
    • Branch Management
    • Staff Management
    • Order Management
    • Product Management
    • Cancellation Management
    • Special Offer & Coupon Code
    • Review Management
    • Delivery Scheduling
    • Transaction History
    • Financial Information
    • Reports & Insights
    • Delivery Area Management
    • Banner Management
    Grocery Store Vendor Panel

    Grocery Delivery Boy App

    Tired of juggling grocery bags ? Say no more! Our delivery boy app makes grocery shopping a breeze - just pick your items, sit back, and relax. And don't worry, our delivery boys will handle delicate avocados and bread loaves with care.

  • Driver Profile
  • Push Notification
  • Assigned Orders
  • Order Managment
  • GPS Navigation Map
  • Check Payment Status
  • Delivery Status Updates
  • One-Click Call to Customers
  • Grocery Delivery Boy App
    Grocery Delivery Boy App single order
    Grocery Delivery Boy App profile
    Grocery Delivery Boy App order status
    Grocery Delivery Boy App order history
    Grocery Delivery Boy App Order Details
    Grocery Delivery Boy App Delivery Success
    Grocery Delivery Boy App Daily Delivery
    Delivery status failed

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    How On-Demand Grocery Booking App Benefits Your Business?

    Grocery Booking App Development Benefits

    With the rise in the on-demand app economy, grocery mobile apps became popular while serving people's grocery needs right from their home. Here are some benefits of grocery delivery app that makes it lovable to both customers as well as vendors or grocery stores -

    • Easy Inventory Management
    • One Click Dashboard
    • Hassle-free Order Management
    • Enhanced Customer Loyalty
    • Time & Cost Efficient
    • Seamless Payment Options
    • 24/7 Shopping available
    • Wide Product Accessibility
    • Customer Personalization
    • Boost Sales & Visibility
    Hire Grocery App Developers

    What Grocery App Development Company Like 7xcel Offers?

    Being a renowned Grocery Delivery App Development Company in India, we very well know that building grocery shopping apps involve several perspectives which demand inclusion for the efficient running of the app. Hire Grocery App Developers from 7xcel that bring forward benefits such as -

    • Quick Technical Support
    • A Team of 50+ developers.
    • Pocket Friendly
    • Complete walk around of your project.
    • On or before time delivery.

    Factors That Affect Grocery App Development Cost

    The total cost of grocery mobile app design & development depends on a lot of factors. While some of the eGrocery Store development directly impact on store sales and user’s journey, some may impact on the overall back-end operations of grocery ordering app business. Have a look at them -

    • App Platform
    • Technology used
    • Features Module
    • Third-Party App Integration
    • App Hosting
    • App Maintenance
    • UI/UX Design
    • App Security
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    Grocery Mobile App Cost Factors

    Grocery Booking App Development Lifecycle, We Follow

    The custom grocery app development procedure that is followed during the development stage determines the success of any application. Each supermarket app has its own set of requirements, necessitating a unique method to truly justify your grocery app's requirements. However, at 7xcel, we have a typical result-oriented app development process -


    Based on the information provided by customers about project vision, deliverables, & the final desired output, a complete online grocery shopping app development roadmap is created.

    UI/UX Design

    This step of the grocery shopping app development solution determines the general layout of your grocery app, including wireframes, user interface, color palettes, preferred fonts & more.

    MVP Development & Analysis

    Based on the initial planning and designing patterns, the MVP grocery app is developed. It is then compared in contrast to the previously defined goals and targets for measuring accuracy & feasibility.

    Grocery App Development

    Minor tweaks and adjustments are made in the final stages of app development in response to comments and suggestions from the MVP app, allowing you to improve your entire grocery app development solution.

    Grocery App Deployment

    Your grocery app is published to the Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store, depending on your platform preferences, and made available for download and installation by the general public.

    Maintenance & Support

    We provide ongoing maintenance and support to guarantee that your app is always up to date with security patches, features, industry trends, ensuring that your grocery app remains relevant to end-users.

    Grocery App - How It Works?

    Interested in learning more about how your grocery app operates behind the scenes? Here's a brief glimpse of the Grocery app workflow, which shows the many processes that take place simultaneously between the customer, driver, and admin panel -

    Grocery App Solution With Respect to Your Needs

    At 7xcel, we offer customized grocery app solutions with multi-currency/language support, secure payment gateways, and robust security protocols for an exceptional shopping experience. Let's bring your ideas to life at an affordable price.

    Grocery Booking App vs Ready-Made Solution

    Are you unsure whether to go with a white-label grocery app or develop an app for delivering groceries from the ground up? Here are some of the decisive elements that can assist you in making the ideal option for your company's requirements -

    Difference Readymade Grocery App Clone Grocery App from Scratch with 7xcel
    Target Audience Wide, scattered Narrow, focused
    Level of Control None Complete Control
    Payment Regular subscription fee on a monthly basis One time development fee
    Customization Limited Highly Customizable
    Overall Security Highly vulnerable Highly secure
    Solution Exclusivity None Exclusive with NDA and other protected documents

    Access to Tailor-Made Grocery App Solutions Like...

    Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all grocery app solution. At 7xcel, we provide customized solutions that can be tailored to meet your unique business needs. Let us help you build the perfect grocery app for your business today.

    App Like Amazon Fresh

    Transform your Grocery delivery business with a cutting-edge app like Amazon Fresh.

    App Like Anylist

    Get groceries delivered with ease. Create your shopping list now with our app, like Any List.

    App Like Bigoven

    Shop smarter, not harder. Get groceries delivered with our app, inspired by BIGOVEN.

    App Like Flipp

    Save time and money on groceries. Get deals and delivery with our app, like Flipp.

    App Like Tesco

    Develop your Grocery shopping app, with our cutting-edge tech, inspired by Tesco's success.

    App Like Mealime

    Help users plan their meal and eat healthier with our Mealime like app solutions.

    App Like Instacart

    Help customers get their groceries at doorstep with our app-like Instacart solutions.

    App Like Mealboard

    Simplify meal planning & grocery shopping with our MealBoard like app solutions.

    App Like Shipt

    Get custom app like Shipt, with fast and reliable Grocery delivery & other such salient features.

    Client Testimonials

    Ahmed Al-Farsi


    Delivery App

    7xcel's on-demand delivery app has transformed our logistics efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    Grace Mwangi


    Taxi App

    7xcel's ride-hailing app brought efficiency to our fleet management system. Highly recommended!

    Ivan Petrov


    Grocery App

    7xcel's grocery delivery app made our business operations seamless and convenient.

    Priya Mehta


    Healthcare App

    7xcel's healthcare app enhanced our client service and access to medical care.

    Selin Yilmaz


    Food Delivery

    7xcel's food delivery app expanded our market reach & improved order management systems.

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