Taxi Booking App Development Solutions, We Deliver

There is a range of different taxi booking services for meeting different requirements and addressing different niches. Being a global leader in developing custom taxi booking app development solutions, we have gathered credible experience and expertise in providing all types of taxi app development services like –

Taxi Booking

Digitize your taxi booking services and expand your customer base by leveraging our top taxi booking app solutions and hiring our experienced taxi app developers.

Car Rentals/Hire

Manage, track and automate all aspects & services of your hire cabs by leveraging our popular and efficient full stack car rental software solutions.

VIP Corporate

We have proven experience and expertise in developing & designing customizable, secure, and user-friendly luxurious corporate taxi app solutions.

Limousine & Chauffeur

Planning to start a Limousine and Chauffeur Services Company? Leverage our top-quality Limo app solutions with a rich user interface and secured payment gateways.

Air Taxi

Get a complete Air Taxi app solution for your clients, pilots, and an admin panel for you to manage operations & measure performance with a centralized and intuitive dashboard.


We make accessible paratransit booking apps with accessibility features to make paratransit taxi booking more accessible for specially challenged people.

On-Demand Taxi App Business Model

Clients come to us with various taxi app development requirements with regards to region, way of services provided, commission-based, etc. We at 7xcel have hands-on experience in providing different types of cab booking app business models such as Car Pooling App, Taxi Aggregator Business, or even a Private Taxi Business Management App.

Private Taxi Booking Business Model

Ride Sharing App Business Model

Cab Aggregators Business Model

On-Demand Taxi App Business Model

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Features of Taxi App for Successful Taxi Business

Being a top taxi booking app development company, 7xcel delivers complete booking app development services, for both mobile and web based platform. With immense experience in offering wide range of online cab booking app solution, our experienced taxi app developers have developed fully featured rich user-friendly Uber like customer app including Driver Interface and Admin Panel.

Fare Estimate


Secure Payment

AWS Cloud Hosted

256-bit Encryption

Easy Cancellation

Easy Sharing



Integrated Analytics

One-Click Support


Taxi Hailing Customer App

Feature rich ride-hailing taxi booking app interface with all important features required to build your customizable on-demand taxi booking app solution like Uber, Ola & Lyft.

  • Start Page
  • Register/Login
  • Multi Payment Options
  • Schedule a Ride
  • Ride Conformation
  • Referral Code Generation
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Panic Alerts
  • Push Notifications
  • Ride Details
  • Ride History
  • User Profile Management
  • Menu
  • Social Logins
  • Taxi Availability
  • Coupon Code/ Discount
  • One Click Chat
  • Add Location
  • Settings & Options
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Taxi User App Splash Screen
    Taxi User App Ride Booked
    Taxi User App Payment Mode
    Taxi User App Menu
    Taxi User App Login
    Taxi User App Home Screen
    Taxi User App Chat

    Taxi Booking App Admin Panel

    Taxi Booking Admin App Dashboard

    Intuitive Taxi Booking Admin Panel that is highly customizable, dynamic, responsive and secure. Manage your taxi-hailing services with single taps for accessing all important features.

    • Authentication
    • One Click Dashboard
    • Push Notification
    • Driver Management
    • Category Management
    • User Management
    • Zone Management
    • Tariff Management
    • Ride Management
    • Vehicle Management
    • Location Based Tracking
    • Profile Management
    • Offers & Discount Management
    • Pay & Commission Management
    • Email & SMS Campaign
    • Insights & Report
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    Ride-Hailing Partner App

    Sleek and modern ride-hailing partner app design that makes it easy for drivers to navigate through the app and manage their rides, payments and other important activities.

  • Driver Profile
  • Dashboard
  • Push Notification
  • GPS Integration
  • Request Accept
  • Request Reject
  • Email & SMS Alerts
  • Automatic Fare calculation
  • Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)
  • Trip History
  • Multi Language Support
  • Contact Passengers
  • Review Management
  • Transaction History
  • Financial Information
  • Insights & Report
  • Taxi Driver App Ride End
    Taxi Driver App Request Accept or Denied
    Taxi Driver App Profile
    Taxi Driver App Chatbox
    Taxi Driver App Earning Screen
    Taxi Driver App Ratings & Reviews
    Taxi Driver App Ratings
    Taxi Driver App Sign up
    Taxi Driver App Trip History

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    How On-Demand Taxi Booking App Benefits Your Business?

    Taxi Booking App Benefits

    With the current scenario, people used to prefer to ride in solo for-hire vehicles instead of using crowded public transportation. Hence, personal became widely popular as they reduced the risk of commuting in and out of the city. Here are some benefits of taxi booking apps that makes it profitable and reliable to both customers as well as taxi drivers -

    • Easy Ride Management
    • Hassle-free Taxi Driver Management
    • Enhance Customer Satisfaction
    • Can be Personalized to Passengers
    • Boost Sales & Visibility
    • Seamless Payments
    • Time & Cost Efficient
    • 24/7 Availability
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    What Taxi App Development Company Like 7xcel Offers You?

    Being a renowned Taxi Booking App Development Company in India and USA, we at 7xcel deliver the best in class Taxi App Development Solutions while maintaining a clean code structure, assuring best performance of your taxi booking app. Hire professional taxi app developers from 7xcel that bring forward the following conjunctures in respect to your project requirement -

    • Quick Technical Support
    • A Team of 50+ developers.
    • Pocket Friendly
    • Complete walk around of your project
    • On or before time delivery.

    Factors That Affect Taxi App Development Cost

    The overall cost of taxi app design and development depends on many factors. Here are some of the top factors that you should keep in mind or consider when deciding on your overall Taxi App Development Budget. Have a look at them -

    • App Platform
    • Technology used
    • Features Module
    • Third-Party App Integration
    • App Hosting
    • App Maintenance
    • UI/UX Design
    • App Security
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    Taxi App Development Cost Factors

    Taxi Booking App Development Lifecycle, We Follow

    Any taxi booking app project is as successful as the overall taxi app development process followed for building your taxi booking app. Each taxi app is unique and needs a custom approach to truly justify your cab booking app requirements. However, here is a standard result-oriented app development process we at 7xcel, follow -


    A detailed taxi app development roadmap is laid out based on the information given by clients about the project ideas, deliverables, and final desired outcome.

    UI/UX Design

    The overall layout of your taxi app including wireframes, user interface and color schemes are decided at this stage of taxi app development process.

    MVP Development & Analysis

    MVP taxi app is developed and analysed in comparison to the previously set goals & targets based on the initial roadmap & design patterns.

    Taxi App Development

    Fixes & changes take place in the final app development stage based on the feedback & suggestions on the MVP app to improvise your overall taxi app development solution.

    Taxi App Deployment

    Your taxi app is deployed to Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store depending on your platform choices, and made available to public to download and install.

    Maintenance & Support

    We provide continuous maintenance and support features to ensure your app is up-to-date with security patches, features and relevant to users at all time.

    Taxi App - How it Works?

    Curious about how your taxi app works behind the scenes? Here is a sneak-peek of taxi app work flow that demonstrates the various processes carried out simultaneously between Customer, Driver App and Admin Panel -

    Taxi App Solution With Respect to Your Needs

    At 7xcel, we understand the importance of providing a buffet of credible options for setting up your taxi app with features like multi-currency and multi-language support, as well as secure payment gateways and security protocols for delivering an unmatched taxi booking experience to your users.

    Custom Taxi Booking App vs Ready-Made Solution

    Confused between getting a white-labled taxi booking solutions or developing a taxi application from scratch? Here are some deciding factors that helps you to make the best decision with respect to your business needs -

    Difference Readymade Taxi Booking App Clone Taxi App from Scratch with 7xcel
    Target Audience Wide, scattered Narrow, focused
    Level of Control None Complete Control
    Payment Regular subscription fee on a monthly basis One time development fee
    Customization Limited Highly Customizable
    Overall Security Highly vulnerable Highly secure
    Solution Exclusivity None Exclusive with NDA and other protected documents

    Access to Tailor-Made Taxi App Solutions Like...

    Ready to upgrade your taxi business? Get instant access to our tailor-made taxi app solutions with everything you need to succeed, including a user-friendly interface, powerful analytics, and the ability to customize every aspect of your app.

    App Like Uber

    Revolutionizer travelling experience by leveraging our expertise to develop app like Uber with real-time surge pricing and intelligent routing algorithms.

    App Like Lyft

    Reform your ride-hailing experience with features real-time tracking, in-app wallets & customer support with our customized taxi booking app like Lyft.

    App Like Ola

    Change the transportation industry with our white-label customized taxi booking app like Ola with features like real-time tracking & payment.

    App Like Curb

    Our specialized taxi booking app, like Curb, will redefine your ride-hailing experience with features like advanced search, payment and more.

    App Like Gett

    Build your custom taxi booking app like Gett by leveraging our professional expertise and experience in providing white-label taxi booking solutions.

    App Like Hailo

    Use our industry knowledge and experience in delivering white-label taxi booking solutions to create your own custom taxi booking app like Hailo.

    App Like Cabify

    Our pro developers have proven work experience in developing fleet management app like Cabify and customize it your brand and needs.

    App Like LeCab

    Transform your transportation business by leveraging our customizable LeCab-like app solutions tailored to your custom project requirements.

    Client Testimonials

    Ahmed Al-Farsi


    Delivery App

    7xcel's on-demand delivery app has transformed our logistics efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    Grace Mwangi


    Taxi App

    7xcel's ride-hailing app brought efficiency to our fleet management system. Highly recommended!

    Ivan Petrov


    Grocery App

    7xcel's grocery delivery app made our business operations seamless and convenient.

    Priya Mehta


    Healthcare App

    7xcel's healthcare app enhanced our client service and access to medical care.

    Selin Yilmaz


    Food Delivery

    7xcel's food delivery app expanded our market reach & improved order management systems.

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