On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Business Model

Being considered as best medicine delivery app development company, 7xcel holds strong team of healthcare app developers with expertise in furnishing all types of medicine app development solution following all regulatory compliance with respect to various countries across the globe.

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On-Demand Medicine delivery App Business Model

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Features of Pharmacy App for Successful Business

7xcel delivers a complete on-demand medicine app development solution, with four different systems interlinked with each other required. The online medicine ordering & delivery app solution includes admin dashboard panel, medicine store dashboard, user app & delivery boy app. With prebuilt unique features and functionalities, you can get customized medicine home delivery app as per your requirement.

HIPPA Compliant

Accurate Navigation

Secure Payment

AWS Cloud Hosted

256-bit Encryption

Shipping Management

Order Routing



Integrated Analytics

One-Click Support

Medicine Details

Online Medical Store Customer App

Take control of your healthcare with our medical store customer app. Order your prescriptions online, track your delivery, and receive reminders for refills. With easy-to-use features and secure payment options, our app makes managing your medication a breeze.

  • Advance Login Panel
  • Profile Management
  • Easy to Use Menu
  • Store Details
  • Drug List Sorting
  • Drug Details
  • Add to Cart
  • Easy Checkout
  • Prescription Upload
  • Order Management
  • Order History
  • Advance Category Filter
  • Location Based Nearby Stores
  • Order Cancelling
  • Order Tracking
  • Interactive Home Screen
  • Re-Order
  • Rate & Review Order
  • Pill Reminder
  • Help
  • Medicine Delivery App
    Medicine Delivery App Store page
    Medicine Delivery App Order Request
    Medicine Delivery App order history
    Medicine Delivery App order detail
    Medicine Delivery App Nearby Store
    Medicine Delivery App Nearby Store Locator
    Medicine Delivery App Menu
    Medicine Delivery App list of Drugs
    Medicine Delivery App Home
    Medicine Delivery App Filters
    Medicine Delivery App Drug detail
    Medicine Delivery App Checkout

    Online Medicine App Admin Dashboard Panel

    Medicine delivery Admin App Dashboard

    Efficiently manage medicine deliveries with our web-based admin dashboard panel. Real-time tracking, delivery personnel management, and analytics/reporting features make it easy to ensure timely and efficient deliveries to patients.

    • Advance Dashboard Panel
    • User Management
    • Category Management
    • Order Management
    • Store Management
    • Social Media Sharing
    • Commission Management
    • Coupon Code Management
    • Delivery Management
    • Easy Backup & Restore Database
    • Email & SMS Campaign Management
    • Content Management
    • Push Notification/ Alerts Management
    • Complaint Management
    • Customised Analytics Reports
    • Delivery Boy Location Tracking
    Develop Medicine Management Software

    Medical Store Dashboard Panel

    Our Medical Store Dashboard Panel is the perfect solution for managing your inventory. With real-time updates, you can keep track of stock levels, set alerts for low inventory, and manage purchase orders. Streamline your operations and improve efficiency with our easy-to-use medical store dashboard.

    • Interactive Medicine Store Profile
    • Payment Tracking
    • SMS Integration
    • Delivery Area Management
    • Stock Management
    • One Click Assistance
    • Time Management
    • Order History
    • Push Notification / Order Alerts
    • Offers & Coupon Code Management
    • Feedback Reply & Review Back
    • Easy to use Dashboard Panel
    • Email Promotion Integration
    • Elegant yet Deepen Insight Report
    • Social Media Engagement
    • Delivery Boy Location Tracking
    Medical Store Dashboard Panel

    Medicine Delivery Boy App

    Too sick too run to the pharmacy? With our medicine delivery boy app, you can order your prescriptions with just a few taps on your phone. No more waiting in line, no more fighting traffic, just fast and convenient delivery at your door steps.

  • Driver Profile
  • Push Notification
  • Assigned Orders
  • Order Managment
  • GPS Navigation Map
  • Check Payment Status
  • Delivery Status Updates
  • One-Click Call to Customers
  • Pharmacy delivery boy app
    Pharmacy delivery boy app validation
    Pharmacy delivery boy app start
    Pharmacy delivery boy app menu
    Pharmacy delivery boy app daily delivery
    Order Success
    Order history
    Order detail mark
    Not delivered mark

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    How On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Benefits Your Business?

    Medicine Delivery App Development Benefits

    With pandemic times, medicine delivery app market is blooming with great profit. People now prefer to buy their required medicines online rather than going physically to a pharmacy store and wait in a long queues. Here we have listed down some of the crucial benefits of online medicine store app for both customers as well as owner of online medical store -

    • Easy Inventory Management
    • Enhance Customer Loyalty
    • Boost Sales & Visibility
    • Seamless Payments
    • Hassle-free Order Management
    • Wide Product Accessibility
    • Time & Cost Efficient
    • 24/7 Shopping Available
    Hire Medicine Delivery App Developers

    What Medicine Delivery App Development Company Like 7xcel Offers You?

    Being a renowned Pharmacy App Development Company in India, we very well know that building an online Medicine Ordering app involve several perspectives which demand inclusion for the reliable and secure app. Hire online pharmacy delivery app development company that bring forward the following conjunctures -

    Simply, contact us today and receive budget friendly on-demand medicine delivery app development services from us.

    • Quick Technical Support
    • A Team of 50+ developers
    • Pocket Friendly
    • Complete walk around of your project
    • On or Before Time Delivery

    Factors That Affect Medicine Delivery App Development Cost

    Ideally, the total cost to develop a pharmacy delivery app depends on many factors given in the below list however, if we talk about the approximate price, then it starts from $15K - $20K for platforms including iOS & Android.

    • App Platform
    • Technology used
    • Features Module
    • Third-Party App Integration
    • App Hosting
    • App Maintenance
    • UI/UX Design
    • App Security
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    Pharmacy Delivery App Cost Factors

    Medicine Delivery App Development Lifecycle, We Follow

    The success of any application is determined by the custom medical app development cycle followed during the development stage. Each medicine store app has its own set of requirements, demanding a one-of-a-kind strategy for genuinely justifying the requirements of your custom medicine delivery app. At 7xcel, however, we follow a standard result-oriented app development methodology-


    Based on the information provided by customers about project concepts, deliverables, and the final desired output, a complete medicine delivery app development roadmap is created.

    UI/UX Design

    The general layout of your online pharmacy App, including wireframes, user interface, and color palettes, is determined in this part of the home delivery medicine app development process.

    MVP Development & Analysis

    In comparison to the previously established goals and aims, the MVP medicine app is developed and analyzed based on the initial plan and design patterns.

    Pharmacy Delivery App Development

    In response to comments and ideas from the MVP app, minor modifications and adjustments are performed in the final stages of app development, allowing you to better your overall medicine delivery app.

    Medicine App Deployment

    Depending on your platform preferences, your pharmaceutical app is published to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and made available for download and installation by the general public.

    Maintenance & Support

    We provide continuing maintenance and support to ensure that your app is always up to date in terms of security patches & functionality for ensuring it stays relevance to users.

    Medicine Delivery App - How It Works?

    Are you curious about the inner workings of your medication delivery app? Here's a quick look at the Medicine Delivery app workflow, which demonstrates the numerous operations that happen at the same time between the customer, driver, and admin panel -

    Medicine Delivery App Solution With Respect to Your Needs

    At 7xcel, we believe in providing many reliable solutions for setting up your Online Pharmacy app, such as multi-currency and multi-language support, as well as secure payment gateways and security procedures, to provide your consumers with an unequalled medicine app experience.

    Custom Medicine Delivery App vs Ready-Made Solution

    Are you undecided about whether to use a white-label medicine delivery app or build your medicine delivery app from the bottom up? Here are some of the most important factors to consider when selecting the best solution for your company's needs -

    Difference Readymade Medicine Delivery App Clone Online Pharmacy App from Scratch with 7xcel
    Target Audience Extensive range with no focus Targeted audience with a clear focus
    Level of Control Non-existent Complete command
    Payment Monthly expenses for a regular subscription One time development cost
    Customization Limited or none Complete control
    Overall Security High Vulnerabilities Highly secure with best security measures
    Solution Exclusivity None Protected with NDA and Code ownership

    Access to Tailored Medicine Delivery App Solutions Like...

    Get your medicine delivery business up and running with our customizable on-demand medicine delivery solutions. We provide reliable & hassle-free medicine app solutions with variety of features that can ease the process of getting medicines much easier for your users.

    App Like Practo

    Stay healthy with our app like Practo bringing your medicines fast & hassle-free to your doorstep.

    App Like 1mg

    Our highly-functional medicine delivery app, like 1mg, provides easy ordering options and other features such as priority delivery.

    App Like Netmeds

    Discover the convenience of medicine delivery with an app modelled after the architecture of Netmeds.

    App Like Pharm Easy

    Stay on top of your health with a customized medicine delivery app modelled after Pharm Easy.

    App Like mCHEMIST

    Enjoy accurate and swift delivery of medicines with an highly functional app modelled after mCHEMIST.

    App Like CVS Pharmacy

    Get your medicines delivered conveniently at your doorstep with our customizable app like CVS Pharmacy.

    App Like Pharamcy2U

    Enjoy seamless ordering and quick delivery of medicine with our on-demand medicine delivery app.

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