Building the On-Demand App – How to Strategize it?

In the world of competition, people have become a workhorse, and in such a busy lifestyle, getting everything in the place is a challenge. Even to get their needs fulfilled, people travel across stores to purchase things, wait till some taxi arrives nearby to hire and visit a restaurant for having lunch and dinner.

But, these were the matters of the past, now you have everything under one roof -thanks to the rise of On-Demand Apps. Just one push and your things are right at your doorstep.

The evolution’s of On-Demand app has improved and simplified the lives of people across all sectors. But, such On-Demand Apps are just simplifying lives, but also helping people earn in millions, even billions.

Let’s take for an example of Uber, Zomato, and to name just a few.

  • Looking for a housekeeper for urgent cleaning services?
  • Want to get your favorite food from the fav restaurant delivered?
  • Want to hire a taxi to reach your destination on time?
  • Looking for Laundry services?
  • Looking for Plumber, Painter or simply want to get your home repaired?

The On-Demand App has solutions for your entire unsolved queries, and you can quickly get all your purposes served.

Some of the Top Facts of On-Demand App

4 Million

Users per industry are engaged with On-Demand App

$32.9 Billion

Total revenue project by On-Demand industry in 2019.

$19.5 Billion

Projected for on-demand food delivery app in 2019.

$66 Billion

Total worth of the largest transportation network Uber.

Coming to our subject, the right strategy to build an effective on-demand app requires understanding every nitty-gritty of the industry.

What is On-Demand Services App?

The on-demand app bridges the gap between customers’ needs and services from various sectors. For example, someone hungry and looking to get lunch delivered at home without visiting a restaurant, he/she can do it with the help of the On-Demand Restaurant App. Similarly, there are various service sectors which need a platform to get connected to the users and consumers directly.

In short, On-Demand App acts as a mediator between clients and business, by bringing as a common platform exchange trade. Users can order anything using the app and strive to the deliver it in minutes of time.

To start developing an On-Demand Application, you need the following strategy.

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Getting Started with On-Demand App Development

Have shown you all the nitty-gritty of the on-demand sector and now you need to start the on-demand app development with the strategy given here.

To understand the strategy, you need to understand how an On-Demand works. And, when it comes to an on-demand app, Uber is the world’s famous on-demand which bridges the gap between users and cab.

Workflows of a common ‘On-Demand App’

So, we will understand how the biggest brand Uber app works;

1. User Request:

A user places order using the app for the services. That can starts with searching for the service they want.

2. App (On-Demand App) Matches Order:

Once the user places order, the app matches the order and connects the users with the most relevant service provider.

3. Connects User with Service Providers:

Once the service request placed by a user is matched, the app connects to the users with the service provider.

4. Provider Acceptance:

The service provider will check through the order and accept the order, if it finds it relevant and under its capacity.

5. User Makes Payment:

Once the order is accepted by the service provider, the user is asked to make payment, if needed. (Sometimes, payment is made once the service is successfully delivered.)

6. Service Delivery:

Now, the service provider will deliver the service in the given time frame.

7. Delivery Confirmation:

Once the service is delivered successfully, the customer will confirm the service. Customers can share the service experience as well.

8. Payment Deduction:

After the order is served, the payment will deducted and paid to the service provider.

Now, we shall be discussing about the strategic points you need to keep in mind;

Let’s Start with Investors Point of view!

Investor Interest

If you are really interested in bridging the gap between buyers and sellers and wanting to bring them together through a single platform, then on-demand is the way to go. For startups, it is a great idea to woo investors and leverage the power of on-demand and app economy, and ultimately get rewarded.

Basically, investors who are investing in the on-demand app are startups, and they need something exciting space to start with. You can choose the sector in which you can easily get into, for example, food and grocery delivery apps. These two sectors are high in demand. They are a very popular and competitive industry, though you will get something new every day in this sector.

Explore What You Want to Be

Starting the on-demand app, you need to decide your role whether you want to be aggregators and provide end-to-end demand services. When you are an aggregator, you are just a mediator between the buyer and seller while end-to-end has to manage everything such as right from the receiving the order. For example, Uber is an aggregator while McDonald’s McDelivery is an end-to-end service provider.

Start with the Resources You Have

If you are new to this field, fund-gathering may be an issue, and you need to find some cost-effective solutions. There are solutions right in your office, which you can utilize, to begin with. For example, if you are already running your own business, you might be using the POS system. You can ask your vendor to help you with the API of the POS system. Vendors may have their policies, but most of them allow API access to their partners and customers, though they can charge you based on the subscription plan.

API access to your POS system gives you a key to developing a mobile application, and the developers will be able to customize the app, which can call functions to the POS system. Now, your customers can generate orders directly from the app, which will help you minimize the hassle that you often face.

This is just an idea, though the sky is the limit, and you can come plenty of new tricks and tips to get a cheaper on-demand app development solutions.

Choose One Industry

At the initial phase of on-demand development, you may come across plenty of ideas, but you have stuck with the one that you find can be successful or you can make it successful. There are plenty of industries which you can bring into your notice and work accordingly. For example, healthcare, retail, food, beauty, and other domestic help such as home cleaning, dry cleaners, and much more. You need to choose the right of your choice.

On Demand App

Explore How Other On-Demand Apps Operated

You can take an example of some of the similar applications and explore their way of operating things. For example, Instacart is one of the famous on-demand applications which have one purpose of serving that is to deliver groceries to the doorstep of users. Similarly, Cleanly is the app which let users get their laundry work done in 24 hours max while Jinn is the top-rated app in the UK which lets user order anything locally and get it delivered at the doorstep.

You can also go through their competitors and find the differences between how they differ from each other. Jinn is famous while its competitors such as Postmates and Quiqup are not so popular as Jinn. All three works on the same purposes, but Postmates and Quiqup let you order food and App like Jinn help you with everything found locally, apart from food. Apart from this, plenty of other differences which set Jinn apart from all its competitors.

Create MVP to Test Your Idea

If you have big ideas into your mind, then you should not start it without testing. And, when it comes to test your ideas, then developing a minimal viable product is the way to go.
MVP helps you validate your concept and based on reaction from users, you start with final projects. It reflects your assumptions and helps you understand the market, demand and utility.

How Are You Going to Provide Convenience to Users

If you know about the psychology of convenience, you are going to crack the methodology. People, today, look for how much comfort they feel using certain applications. In the on-demand app services, convenience is the key to success. If you take the example of McDonald, people order not just it offers freebies or cheap, but they order because people find it convenient. Besides, how quick you deliver the services matter the most.

No matter which industry you select, delivering convenience and customers’ expectations must be served. Here are some of the top features you should have in your on-demand app to make it more convenient for customers.


Live Tracking Integration

Your on-demand app should have GPS integration with live tracking features. I have my personal experience as when my friend orders food using the on-demand app. He keeps tracking the delivery status and whereabouts. This is very common, and every on-demand app should have these features.

Flexible Payment Options

Making a payment without a case is one of the main USP of the on-demand app. It becomes more convenient for people if they find frictionless payment options. Considering various getaways will help you woo users at large.

Users Rating & Reviews

Think about users review and ratings and you get something new to improve your business. Business spends thousands to get the right evaluation regarding the business, but that data may not be so helpful as the users reviews and rating will be. Let your user’s share what their heart goes out to say about the service you provide.

Think About Suppliers

We would have never witnessed Uber success had there been drivers enrolled. Yes, you too need suppliers and in fact, suppliers at large. So, when you have on-demand app idea, think about who your suppliers will be and how are you going to make this initiative beneficial for them. You need to prepare a blueprint comprising everything beneficial for your business and your suppliers. The following things were kept in mind-

  • Who will your suppliers?
  • How will you decide whom to deliver the service for a specific request?
  • How much charges you are going to take
  • How will you benefit your suppliers?
  • Who will deliver the service?

Having gone through this, you are supposed the get the excellent blueprint for your on-demand business.

Final Take: What Makes On-Demand App Popular

Online findings say that world’s more than half of population is suing Smartphone. And, if we take it from American perspective, then almost 42% of total population has used on-demand service, according to the source. As the number of Smartphone user is growing by leaps and bounds, the use of on-demand service is following the footsteps. However, to make it as popular as Uber, you need to think like it, not from the features perspective but to services and convenience it provides. Here are some of top suggestions-

  • Cost-Friendly Services
  • Easy to Access
  • Faster Services
  • Flexible Payment Options

Wrapping it Up
There are plenty of things which you need to go through to come up with a robust on-demand app idea. However, I have tried to put all my efforts to bring you the precisive details of developing an on-demand application to do the best business out of it.

However, the one thing you need to be very serious about is its development. You can save the maximum by hiring the right on-demand development companies. Just explore a bit more and then go one by one, taking inquiries and their delivery and development process. Once you are done with everything, just get started.

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