How Much Does It Cost to Build Taxi Booking App Like Uber?

If you are planning to start your taxi-servicing start-up just like the Uber does and willing to compete with this article which would help you to make an app like Uber, the very first question that would arise into your mind could be – How much does it cost to build an app? How long does it take to create an app like Uber? How hard is it to make an app like Uber?

However, these kinds of questions will arise, but you don’t need to worry about it as we got the best solutions for those question.

Here is the checklist before you start your own taxi services business like Uber:-

  • Start analyzing the targeted audiences as make sure that it should be within your local area
  • Create a goto marketing plan for your taxi business
  • Create a business model according to the market demand to create an app like Uber- services.
  • Plan your checklist for licensing your taxi business
  • Build an inventory items checklist
  • Get the cost estimation for buying a taxi’s
  • Target and involve the stakeholders for the unique selling points.
  • List the future requirements and take the surveys as much as you can.
  • Connect with the top app development company or ready to go mobile app solution provider to build your project output as you have desired.

Note : Whenever the prototype is ready to go, give it to some targeted people just to check out the efficiency of the model. Always take feedback from the users to get the new modifications further.

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An MVP Version of Taxi Mobile app

To build an app like Uber, you first need to understand the primary purpose and specifications of the Uber app and need to know how this Uber user app and driver app works in 2024-

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How do Uber apps work?

How Uber Works

So, Uber is simply providing you with fast transportation services. In other words, Uber is a taxi booking app for fast, reliable rides in mid-day or night. Uber is proving special women safety tools whenever they are travelling through it. It is also providing a special feature like food delivery at your taxi location. Anyone can book a ride using a taxi app. This app uses the Google map so that the users can check the way as well as the timing of arriving.

So, if you want to create an app like Uber. You must have an excellent knowledge of the latest technological stacks or all you need is a mobile app development team to design and develop your own taxi mobile app, dispatcher panel, admin panel and website.

With the successful operational as well as business model, Uber had made a history and continuously breaking its own records. Here are some stats that shows the success story of Uber.

Uber Statistics

Let’s check some FAQ’s to aware you about Uber like App Development Process

How long does it take to create an app like Uber?

Well, developing an app like Uber from scratch requires a time period around 6 to 8 months, but if you are buying the Uber clone scripts or source code of 2020, then it will hardly take 1 to 2 week to live with all the changes.

How hard is it to make an app like Uber in Android?

It is not hard to create an app like Uber for Android whereas, all you need is to take care when you are designing the infrastructure of it and to add as well as managing the servicing tasks. After that, the only three parts would be left and all you need is to make a taxi driver app in Android, android passenger app and the admin, dispatcher panel to manage rides, drivers.

How much does it cost to make an app like Uber in India?

The most trending and demanding search is the cost to make an app like Uber. The cost of building an app always depends on the country. In India to make an app like Uber, it will cost around 3 to 8 Lakh INR or can be less or more as well. It also depends on the company size and number of features which is also an affecting factor that may vary the cost. Whereas at the same time the cost of taxi app development in USA, CANADA, UK and Australia is very high, which is starting from $50000 to $150000.

Comparison between Uber clone Script price vs Custom taxi app development cost?

Uber clone app development cost is always much cheaper than the custom taxi app development cost. The reason is the top Uber clone script companies have readymade Uber clone scripts and source code to sell and to fulfill client’s requirement. Developing a taxi app from scratch might cost you higher, but it will give you your own code with some unique selling points.

Custom Taxi App Development Uber Clone Script
Cost of App Development $10K – $50K $3K – $15K
App Development Timeline 15 Weeks 1 Week
Flexibility Very flexible with technology Stick to the technology
Reliability & Scalability Highly scalable Highly reliable
App Customization High Limited
Time to Enter Market Takes time Can be live in 72 hours

Which are the Best Taxi Business Ideas & Opportunities in 2020?

Online taxi booking ideas are running from the past 3-4 years when Uber and Ola came in the market, after getting so much success in other countries. Whereas, from the last two years, this market strategy has created so much chaos because of the competitors as there are a lot of Uber-like similar applications are available in the market for example – Juno, Jugnoo, le cab, gett, go catch, etc.

So, if you have some unique taxi app ideas which can differ then your application idea can work in the rule of Uber Cabs. Here we selected five best taxi business ideas & opportunities to rule in 2024.

Car Shuttle Services:

This service is like dropping employees from office to their apartments.

Some employees usually use cabs but, you can make a contract with them and give them some offers to get more passengers.

Outstation Car rental services:

Not everyone owns their cars and whereby people are facing problems to travel in outstations. They usually use travellers for that purpose, but from the travel agencies, as they can’t visit the places they want to travel. It feels like they are packed in a package and cannot add any other site to fulfil their desires. So, to resolve this kind of problem an Outstation Car Rental Services has been made up.

Courier Service:

In this service package, you can add medical transportation, non-medical transportation, livestock transportation, grocery transportation and other courier transportations services as well. For these kinds of services, you need to build some contacts in outstate, countries to make your business wider.

Bicycle Rental Service:

In the current era, the Bicycle rental service is on-trend. At this moment, you can buy bicycles and set a tracker on it and give it to anyone for a decided period for renting purpose and you can even earn a lot in the megacities. And if your city has riverfront or beach, then this business will rock the market place.

Student Transportation Service:

In this modern fast life, everyone is running from here to there for working purpose as they don’t have time for themselves and their family as well.

For school transportation, working parents always prefer to have a contract with a van for their children.

How to make an app like Uber: Bonus

To make an app like Uber is a bad idea if you’re making it exactly like Uber. Recently Uber has opened its API for developers to link their projects with that API, but you can make many apps apart from the Taxi app. But you can use that API other projects like:

  • Transportation services
  • Beauty industry
  • Healthcare services
  • Local food & Grocery delivery
  • Cleaning and home services
  • Hybrid Combo Services

After developing the on-demand application plans for 2024, you can focus on the design recommendations:

  • UX/UI designing
  • User-friendly familiar/attractive graphics where user can connect with it easily

Taxi Booking App Development

What is The Business Model of Uber & Technology Stack Behind Uber?

For the Client, Server, Hosting, Mapping, Payments these are the main Technology requirement to create an app like Uber. So, for that, the technology stack is given in the below table:

Backend Development Node.js, Java, PHP,
Web-Based Frontend Angular.JS, React.JS,
Mobile-Based Frontend Java, Kotlin for Android, & Swift for iOS
Cloud Servers Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure
Database MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase
Real-Time Connection Socket.IO, WebRTC (Voice & Video Call).
Email Notification SMTP, Mandrill
GPS API OpenStreetMap API for both iOS/Android can be used. For Android – Google Maps, Google Location Services API, and for iOS devices – MapKit or CoreLocation framework.
Payment Gateway Paypal, Stripe, BrainTree, Paytm,
Push Notifications Google Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) for Android, and Apple Push for iOS phones
SMS Notification Twilio, Plivo, Nexmo, Tropo, and Snich

How to Make an App like Uber: Functionality & Features

  • Simply when a user first downloads your Uber like service app, then all they need is to do login/ sign up.
  • After that main welcome page comes.
  • From the main page first, you can set your Starting point and Destination point.
  • Then check for the availability of Taxi nearby according to the type of the car you have selected like Go, Premium, etc.
  • Then finally confirm the taxi and the details of the car number-plate, driver’s information, contact details, etc.
  • Get the tracking of the car from the arriving cab to the departure to the destination.
  • Payment

Passenger’s Features:

Passenger’s Features

Driver’s Features:

Driver’s Features

Admin Panel Features:

Admin Panel Features

Let’s Check Uber-like Taxi Mobile App Revenue Model:

If you’re thinking to create an app like Uber, then the revenue stream can make a difference from the main Uber application. Till now Uber hasn’t made any particular parking space for their Uber driver’s car plus as Uber doesn’t own any cars, they just hire driving for their work their purpose and earning according to the ride done.

According to Statista, The  revenue in the Ride-Hailing & Taxi segment is projected to reach US$332.50bn in 2023.

In your Uber-like app, you must add these basics revenue models:

  • In-app advertising
  • Base fare
  • Cost per KM
  • Cost per minute
  • Cost per car types
  • Safe ride fees
  • Charging fees from passengers
  • Charging fees from drivers

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App like Uber?

The app development cost for building an app like Uber depends on the modules, functionality and the feature you fit into your app. Cost also depends on the time your employees invest in it.

The total taxi app development cost depends on the total time invested in the development process for building an app like Uber.

List of Services App Development Company in India App Development Company in USA, UK & Canada
Hourly Rate $20 $45-250
Cost of Taxi App Development $20000 – $45000* $45000-$150000
Support After the App Development 3 to 6 months without any charges Extra charges after the development of the app
Privacy Strict NDA rules Strict NDA rules
Testing & Analysis Latest devices & algorithms Latest devices& algorithms
Coding Standards Expert guidelines Expert guidelines


After reading this whole article, you have got a rough idea for making an app like Uber and the cost of app development.

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