How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like TaskRabbit?

The first question that comes in our mind when we need something to be done, or we have to purchase something is: – “Is there an app for that?” At this moment, there are various apps that would help you in finding out your problems. Anything that we have is in an abundance that does accept the natural resources. There are many examples of apps that can be jotted down and would help you in cleaning your home and even fixing your roof. 

Apps like TaskRabbit are usually used in home-related jobs as there are also similar apps like TaskRabbit, which could help in making your household tasks much easier. In this article, we would be discussing the apps like TaskRabbit and how can you develop an app like this. This app helps you a lot as you can hire someone who could finish your work quickly. 

What do you mean by TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is an online marketplace that helps the users in finding their adjacent area for their day to day jobs just like cleaning, gardening, handyman, plumbing, animal care, carpet cleaning, etc. It aims in providing a mediatory stage between the laborer as well as the consumers. It is recognized as a beneficiary to the people with more money than the time whereby, it authorizes people to outsource small jobs and various tasks to others in their community. Their main purpose is to help people to take back their lives and be their manager by helping out people while making some money.

In the past 10 years, people have saved more than 4 million hours of time by hiring Taskers through TaskRabbit

How is TaskRabbit produced?

This app was launched in 2008 by Leah Busqu as an idea stroked into her mind when she was stuck and was running overtime to purchase some food for her dog. However, TaskRabbit is also known as an innovative platform that does bring neighbours closer by providing them with a helping hand. In this era, this app runs around 47 US cities, 4 UK cities, 1 Canadian city (October 2018). However, it has also made a catchy mark in the on-demand economy with its unique, innovative idea of outsourcing the small tasks.  

Segments of TaskRabbit User

1) TaskPosters:

However, TaskPosters are those people who are ready to outsource those tasks which can be able to post their job on this app by connecting them to the qualified professionals who are here available to help. This platform even allows them to pay for an app once their job is done.

2) TaskDoers:

TaskDoers are those people who are basically unemployed, underemployed or those who are ready to build some extra money can do this thing for themselves as it would be the best, just by signing up for the TaskRabbit. Whereby to become a tasker, your background might be viewed as well as a quiz could follow an aspiring interview. Taskers will also be given a job where they can either accept it or can neglect it.


There are more than 140,000 Taskers on the network. Out of all the contractors, 70% hold bachelor’s degrees, 20% hold master’s degrees, and 5% hold a PhD

The Features of TaskRabbit App 

  • Marketplace
  • Reviews, views and ratings
  • Bookings
  • In-app Chats
  • Payment in-app
  • Tracking Service Provider
  • History of Booking
  • Help Section
  • Invoice of Service
  • Share Application
  • Push Notification
App like TaskRabbit

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TaskRabbit is active in almost 47 US cities, 4 UK cities, 1 Canadian city (October 2018) and still counting!

Some of the popular cities where TaskRabbit serves:-

  • San Francisco (Bay Area)
  • New York City
  • Los Angeles & Orange County
  • London
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Washington DC
  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Houston
  • Miami
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • Portland
  • San Diego
  • Seattle

On average, Taskers in the U.S. earn $35/hour.

In the UK, Taskers earn an average of $23/hour.

In Canada, Taskers earn an average of $32/hour.

TaskRabbit continues its expansion into France.

Top On-Demand Home Service Apps Like Task-Rabbit

  • HandyTakl
  • Zaarly
  • Gigwalk
  • Porch
  • Shiftgig
  • Nextdoor
  • Fivver

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FAQs about the Development Cost to Make a similar App like TaskRabbit

1. How to make some similar apps like TaskRabbit?

The procedure to follow and make a clone of an app like TaskRabbit would ask you to get in touch with the mobile app development firms who could get the on-demand home service industry in a proper manner. It might also ask you to understand the list which is featured and tech stack as a whole.

2. How to estimate the cost of TaskRabbit like app?

The approximate cost of an app development just like TaskRabbit is made on the basis of these factors –

  • The featured set
  • The tech stack which is involved
  • The location of the partnered app development agency
  • The number of the platforms the app will be living on

3. How does an app like TaskRabbit make money?

There are mainly two ways by which you can get back the amount you invested by the name of the development of the cost to build an app like TaskRabbit: By Charging the Processing Fees or by Charging the Peak Pricing. You can choose any of the two options to earn a good amount of money on your app.

TaskRabbit has raised a total of $37.8M in funding with estimated annual revenue of $25M. – Owler

Let’s know the cost to develop an app like TaskRabbit

Various features that need to be analyzed if you want to stake into this business as If we proceed to the costing part then the cost of making an App like TaskRabbit could be around $15,000 to $30,000 which completely depends on any OS platform. Whereby, a complete estimate will help in providing you with an exact idea about the app development cost. However, it completely depends on the designs & features that you would need to be incorporated into the app. 

How can such an app be one of the best startups?

In this day era, people do love to access such apps as it helps them in doing their work on their behalf. However, if you are searching for a startup, then you can have a thought of creating an app like TaskRabbit in the market and can also earn money in a lump-sum way.

With these apps, you can also make extra money by doing advertising for third party products on your app. Moreover, you can also charge the processing fee from the users as if there is a high demand for these services during the festive season, especially, and then you can easily charge them extra.


Individuals are gigantically subject to the web right now to find creative experts who could help them in an assortment of errands just like clothing, transport, nourishing, developing, plumbing, electrical assignments, outfitting, basic food item, cleaning, security, planting, etc. Hence more advances are coming in innovation; the prerequisite and interest for administrations just like TaskRabbit are unquestionably going to get it bigger. Whereby, do build inspiring startups as an entrepreneur by starting your own on-demand business by using a mobile app just like like TaskRabbit and other on-demand solutions like uber eats, uber for x and many more

It is of a big intrigue not simply to the end-clients who are utilizing it in an increased manner because of the solace that is given to them; moreover, the businessmen who are looking for a top salary arranged business process. Similarly, it is a prime time for creating an app just like TaskRabbit. The procedure to follow to make a clone of an application like TaskRabbit would just need you to connect with the best mobile application development company that would comprehend the on-demand home aid industry back to front.

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