How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Health & Fitness App like 8Fit

Today more number of people has started to understand the idea of staying fit and healthy. Keeping the current trends in mind, people tend to go ahead and download different fitness applications available in the market over their smartphone. Now all these apps are not specifically crafted to meet the personalized needs of the people and this is where health and fitness app like 8Fit fits in.

The developing a health and fitness app like 8Fit has been quite popular in the market for the essential features that it pulls in together into the app. So if you are planning to develop a health and fitness app like 8Fit for your business entity, then you should take some time to go through the features and include them in your app.

8fit, a popular health and fitness app that offers tailored workouts and meals plan, has raised $7 million in 2017 – TechCrunch

Features from 8Fit you should plan to have in your Diet and Fitness App

If you plan to develop an app like 8Fit, it is possible. You need to be sure such an app comes with all the essential Features of Health & Fitness App which are included in 8Fit. These features are:

1)    Workout Sessions

One of the essential features which you can have added in the app is to offer different workout sessions for different levels of the users. The users can be moved into:

  • Beginner’s level
  • Intermediate level
  • Advanced level

If you want to stay a step ahead, then you can plan to include different workout programs like yoga, aerobics, and others, apart from including cardio and strength training programs.

2)    Customized Diet Plan

A Diet & fitness app is your partner who will push you to stay healthy. This is where having a personalized diet plan is a significant feature to be added to the Diet & fitness app. Such an app will work towards coming with a diet plan based on the individual physical needs of the users. It can even go a step ahead and let the users choose the ingredients they want and based on that it will also let the users choose the recipes. Moreover, it has to be kept in mind that all the users are not coming from a financially secure background and so including “affordable recipes” section within the app can simplify things for many.

3)    Tracking Steps

When you are developing an app to track the different activities performed in a day, you need to plan on adding this feature too. This will let the users know the number of steps they have covered in a day. When we say the number of steps, this can include different things you do throughout the day like walking, cycling and running. You can come up with a unique app just by considering such features.

4)    Tracking Daily Activity

This is one of the unique activities which you can have added in your app. Through this feature, you can let the users enter the different physical activities that they are performing when they are not at home. This will let the users know the number of calories they have burned in a day based on the calculated intake.

5)    Including the Social Aspect

Considering the social aspect into your fitness app is the best thing you can do towards it. This is a very important feature to have in the app and this can let you easily compete with your family and friends on reaching fitness goals. Here the users can have a different kind of activities and challenges planned to be achieved and beaten. Moreover, such a social platform will let the people to stay connected and keep motivating each other.

6)    Integration with Wearable Devices

Another important feature which you should add in your fitness app is the integration with wearable devices. This way, the users can easily connect any external device that they are using to monitor the health with the application. This kind of connection will make it easy for users to track exercises and physical activities easily. They can easily know where they are doing good and where they need to improve. They will be able to compare data on a day-to-day basis, same on week, month as well as in years.

7)    User Interface

The one thing that we want to have across all the mobile apps is that the app should be easy to use and engaging in nature. This can only be made possible when you have an intuitive and smooth user interface. This comes without saying that you need the best user interface for your app.

Why 8Fit?

It was in 2014 that Pedro Sola and Pablo Villalba came up with a fitness app named as 8Fit. Unlike the other apps in the market, which either focused on diet plans or workout programs, 8Fit offered a complete fitness solution through its app. Within some time, the app became quite popular in the market for offering meal plans and workouts, which is completely customized for the users. In order to ensure the app gets maximum exposure, it was made available for both Android and developing a health and fitness app like 8fit iOS platforms. Instead of concentrating on a single aspect, this app works on focusing on building a complete healthier lifestyle.

build an app like 8fit

The app offers nutritious and complete meal plans, which are based on real ingredients. It takes care of the needs of users, their allergies, health – so as to come up with properly customized meal plans. It offers yoga workouts and high-intensity interval training for achieving fitness. The exercises are designed in such a way that it can be done anytime and anywhere. So whether the user wants to lose weight or gain weight, improve stamina or build muscles, 8Fit has a proper plan in place focusing on individuals.

Even in the presence of other competitors in the market, 8Fit has managed to stay strong and the main reason for it is that rather than just showing the users the calories burned and steps covered, it motivates them to go ahead and get out of their comfort zone to do best and live healthy.

According to Crunchbase – The Total Funding Amount acquired by 8Fit is around $9.7 Million

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Strategy to Develop your Own Fitness App

The current market scenario tells that developing fitness apps are definitely the best thing to do today as they are more in demand. So grab this opportunity and build by adopting the right strategy.

Fitness App Idea 2024

It is important to have a cool and perfect idea for your fitness app. You need to keep in mind that brainstorming app ideas will not cost you rather the perfect fitness app idea will make you the best choice in the market.

Complete Market Research about Famous Health & Fitness Apps

Whichever app you are developing, this is definitely an important stage to consider. If you want to develop a fitness app in a way that it can easily get to the target audience, then you need to know their expectations. This means you need to carry out thorough market research first. A few questions that you need to ask yourself are:

  • Who your target audience is?
  • What kind of fitness apps are good to be monetized?
  • What are the expectations of the users?
  • Who are the competitors?

Types of Best Health & Fitness Apps you like to Develop

Fitness apps are all about keeping people healthy and fit. Such apps are categorized into four groups and they have been mentioned below:

Types of Best Health & Fitness Apps 2020

Diet and Nutrition Apps

How about having your personal dietitian along with you wherever you go? Here you will have such a service available on your smartphone. It is important to follow a balanced nutritional diet to stay healthy. Such apps are developed in a way that it can motivate the users to follow the diet plan strictly.

Workout Apps

Such apps work perfectly well when you need to have a virtual trainer by your side. These trainers work well when you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to hit the gym. It is easy to be followed and it comes with images, videos or animations regarding different training exercises, making things better for the users. Moreover, people are different and so are their fitness goals and this app can be customized to meet such goals.

Activity Tracking Apps

Activity apps are designed to track down the activity of users like walking, running, jogging, cycling, etc. How much distance the user has covered doing such activities get logged and monitored in the smartphone as it comes with sensors attached. The steps covered as well as, the calories burned in the process, are shown in such apps. You can also use such apps to plan your activity schedule.

Health Tracking App

Having an app which can help to build a strong relationship between patients and doctors can go a long way in making medical care better and yes, affordable. People in remote locations can easily book an appointment or get access to the doctor to get a prescription before having to ride to the city. At the same time, the doctor can keep track of the patients, go through the reports and suggest the right treatment on time. This kind of app can be easily used for caring elders by their relatives and doctors simultaneously.

Features to be Included in Your App

When developing a fitness app like 8Fit, you need to keep in mind that better the features you have added in the app, better the app will perform. However, you need to keep in mind that as you go on adding up the functionalities & features of fitness app, you will have to pay more for them. Still, if they turn out well, they are worth the spending.

So you must go ahead and invest in features like the ones found in 8Fit like:

  • User interface
  • Workout sessions
  • Customized diet plan
  • Tracking steps
  • Tracking daily activity
  • Integration with wearable devices
  • Including the social aspect

Now there are a few others which you should definitely care about having in there like:

Creating a User Profile

The users need to create an account in the app using their email address or the phone number. Once they get logged in, they can enter their personal information like age, weight, height, health history and so on. Recording the presence of any medical condition can be possible within the app.

Payment Option

This feature proves to be very important when it is concerned about carrying out in-app purchases. Then there are some apps which let the users enjoy some more functionality within the app by buying the premium version. This is where having different payment option like debit or credit cards, mobile wallets, net banking, etc. turns out to be helpful.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are clear messages which can push the users towards their fitness goals. Apart from that, push notifications will let the users know what is new in there in the app.

Some other features you can have added in the app are letting the user add in their favorite playlist, offer a live chat session with the experts and creating an ambiance for meditation and yoga sessions.

Finding the Right App Development Company or Team of Developers

When you are planned to develop a fitness app, finding the top app development company or a team of top mobile app developers may seem to be a tedious task. Again, this is the most important part of your fitness app development strategy. The kind of the people you will have onboard will decide the fate of the app. So who you need for this?

Designers and Developers

Whatever you are developing, it has to look nice. Your app should focus on the UI/UX part in order to come up with an attractive user interface, which includes the use of the right background, elements, easy navigation, etc. To complete the usability of such a user interface, the best codes should work behind the scene. The developers should be skilled to build the app from scratch as well as should be capable enough to make it run for the top mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

App Testers and Support Team

The role of the testers is to ensure the app is error-free by working on in different combinations just with the aim to make it go wrong. If the testers do their job properly, then the need for frequent bug fixes can be avoided. Once the app is live, then the role of the support team comes in the scene. They are responsible for helping the users regarding the use of features whenever they are updated.

It is important to ensure that you need the right skill-set and talents on board to achieve your goal.

App Promotion

Once you are done with the app development process, it is time you take the next step and go ahead with app promotion. If you are not having a large budget kept aside for app promotion, then you should think about going ahead with more straightforward means like push notifications, social networks, discounts, etc.

How to Monetize your Health & Fitness App

If you are planning to work on the fitness app from a business point of view, then you should think about monetizing it. Some ways in which you can monetize your app are freemium model, eCommerce, and advertisements. You can offer some basic free features to the users and then tempt them with some special features which are paid. Selling some fitness products through your app comes under the eCommerce section. Sponsoring other brands like food supplements, fitness equipment, etc. can also prove to be another way to earn some money. Increased users mean more money and this can be used through effective marketing techniques like cashback, loyalty programs and referral programs.

Cost of Developing a Health & Fitness App

You need to keep in mind that it is not possible to offer an accurate number when it comes to developing a fitness app. The cost of app development depends on factors like the app development company you choose, the team of talents needed for the job, complexity, and availability of the features, and time taken to develop them.

You can say that hiring a developer or a designer can come at an hourly rate of $25/ hour and this can go up to $150/hour. This can change based on the skill, experience, and location of the designers and developers. The cost of hiring developers or the app development team may also vary based on the platform you choose for app development.

Wrapping it up

Developing a fitness app can be effective in the present scenario. When done well, you can easily monetize it and take it to the maximum number of users. Well, following the right strategy for app development and building the right path to monetize it –plays the key role.

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