How Much Does it Cost to Build a Home Services App?

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Wondering how to estimate the overall on demand home services app development cost? Here is an ultimate guide based on several factors and important considerations such as app platform(s), number of developers, features and overall project scope to conduct a proper cost estimation for developing an on-demand home services app.

From getting your AC repaired to getting salon services at home, there is no limit to what can be done with a tap of a button. On-demand home services apps are no longer a novelty. Many established apps such as TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, Urban Company have already marked their presence in this industry. Home services apps like this have made life simpler for both – service providers and users.

If you want to join the ranks of such top on-demand home services apps, you need to consider the overall on-demand home services app development cost factors to come up with your on-demand home services app budget. Here is all you need to know:

On-Demand Home Services App Popularity Market Stats and Reasons

On-demand home services apps are gaining massive momentum in terms of market size and popularity. The ease and accessibility such apps bring to professionals and customers benefit all the stakeholders immensely.

People with busy lifestyles don’t need to spend time looking for the right handyman to repair their kitchen sink; they can just book services of one with a few taps on an on-demand home service provider app.

Here are some stats supporting the popularity of home services app in 2024

As per a report from Verified Market Research, Home Service Market was valued at $281.65 billion back in 2018. It is expected to grow 18.91% from 2019 to 2026, reaching $1133.40 billion by 2026.

Reasons why On-Demand Service Apps are so Popular

Home services app helps people aid people manage their busy lives. They enable people to get more done at the comfort of their home by hiring professionals to manage their household chores or book a relaxing massage after a hard day at work too. It also provides a great source of constant revenues to on-demand service app development companies.

On-Demand Home Services Apps

Here are some reasons why on-demand services apps are popular:

1. Increased Availability of Service Providers

While some areas have many service providers, others can have scarce or limited sources. For such situations, a reliable on-demand service provider App Development Company can help bridge this gap by offering users various options to hire professionals locally.

2. Improved Quality of Services

When you include features like adding reviews and ratings in your on-demand service’s app, you enable customers to rate the service providers as per their experience, which helps others get a sense of the quality of a particular service provider. This transparency increases trust and the quality of services.

3. Better Reliability of Service Providers

Since users can see ratings and reviews of service providers on such on-demand home services apps, if the service provider is certified by the service provider, it builds more trust for users to allow them in their personal space and trust them to do the tasks without causing any security concern. This also makes the users feel comfortable to leave their home if they need to urgently and let the service provider do their tasks in their absence.

4. One Stop Solution for all Home Services

The majority of on-demand service provider apps are aggregator apps that provide a wide range of on-demand home services on their platform. This offers exceptional value to customers who wouldn’t need to jump from one app to another for different requirements.

5. Ease of Appointment Scheduling

Users can integrate a home service booking app with their work calendar to easily see when they have time to fix a service booking and fix an appointment accordingly. Also, booking services with a tap of a button is quicker than going through detailed, lengthy processes such as call booking or website booking.

Key Factors Affecting the Cost of Home Services App Development

Suppose you need a home-service app development cost-breakdown. In that case, there are several factors to be considered before coming up with a rough budget estimation for developing your on-demand home services app. Here are some of the most important factors you should consider:

Factors Affecting the Cost of Home Services App Development

1. Home Services App Development Cost Factor – App Platform Selection

The cost of a home services app greatly varies on the platforms you wish to launch your app on. If you go for purely Android or iOS apps, then you can go with native app development. Whereas, if you plan to target both platforms, you can consider cross platform app development. Generally, Android apps cost relatively higher than iOS due to the several testing requirements involved due to higher device fragmentation in Android.

  • Single Platform App Development – $30,000 – $35,000
  • Multi-Platform App Development – $45,000 – $60,000

2. Home Services App Development Cost Factor – Size of App Development Company

Depending on the scope and scalability of your home service app project, you should choose where to get your app developed. For example, suppose you plan to develop an app for a very selective locality and a limited number of users. In that case, you could opt for a small-scale app development agency.

Similarly, suppose you want your app to be widely popular in different cities of your country and have some competitive advantage. In that case, you can opt for an intermediate Home Service App Development Company with skilled and experienced developers who have worked on such projects earlier.

And lastly, if you are planning to create a home service app like TaskRabbit, you need to hire a professional home service app development company that has worked on several projects globally and are up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies used in-home services apps.

According to their size, different app development companies have different on-demand home services app development costs and hourly rates.

  • Small App Development Company Cost – $15-$30/hour
  • Medium App Development Company Cost – $35-$50/hour
  • Enterprise-Grade App Development Company Cost $120-$230/hour

3. Home Services App Development Cost Factor – Team Size and Composition

The team size needed to build your home services app will greatly impact the overall cost of on-demand home services app development project. Of course, your overall team size would vary greatly on the complexity of your app, as you can develop a basic home services app with a limited set of features with a few developers and designers. However, if you need to build a highly scalable and feature-rich home services mobile app, you will need a team of dedicated experts for each phase of the development stages.

Team Composition for an average on-demand home services app

  • 1 x Project Manager ($1500-$2000)
  • 2 x Developers ($2000-$2400)
  • 2 x Designers ($600-$1250)
  • 1 x QA Analyst ($800-$1200)

Team Composition for a complex on-demand home services app

  • 1 x Project Manager ($2200-$12000)
  • 4- 6 x Developers ($4000-$8000)
  • 4-6 x Designers ($1200-$6000)
  • 3- 4 x QA Analyst ($2000-$3500)
  • 1 x QA Expert ($2400-$7200)

4. Home Services App Development Cost Factor – Development Company Location

The geographical region of your app development significantly influences the overall cost of creating home services app. Different countries have different average hourly developer rates. These hourly rates are based on the average cost of living and minimum wages of a particular country. If you go for a company based in the US, UK or Canada (Latin America), your average cost of on-demand home services app development would be significantly higher than developing the app offshore to countries like Ukraine, Brazil and India.

5. Home Services App Development Cost Factor – Including Key Features

What kind of features will you include in your home services provider app that would affect your project’s overall home services app development cost for your project. Adding each feature has its own development cost and development hours that would ultimately affect your overall project completion time. However, to give you a reference, here are some of the must-have features of a home services provider app that you need to include for developing a working and efficient on-demand home services app.

Features of a Home Services Provider App

1. Login and Profile Creation

  • Average Development Hours : 15-20
  • Average cost to integrate feature in your home service app: $300-$400

You need to add a login and profile feature for professionals and customers. Having a personalized profile, customers can track their orders and requests, see their order history, earn reward points (if any) and add personal payment methods for faster checkouts. Professionals can check their earnings, incoming orders, completed orders, and other stats.

2. Service Categorization

  • Average Development Hours: 120 – 200
  • The average cost to integrate feature in your home service app: $2400 – $4000

If you are creating an aggregator home service app, you need to categorize and declutter the various services you will provide on your platform. This is important for improvising user flow and user experience. The higher the number of categories, the higher the cost of making home services app will go. Apart from number of categories, each category might demand different modules and different components to be structured and customized in a way that best suits that particular category. Hence the cost would also be affected by complexity and variety of your app categories.

3. Advance Search Filters

  • Average Development Hours: 50 – 75
  • Average cost to integrate feature in your home service app: $1000 – $1500

If you aim to provide ample services on your home service app, you have to make searching for those services seamless for users. If users can’t find their desired service on your app within a few seconds, it would demotivate them to use your app further, leading to app abandonment and uninstall rates rising. Hence you need to integrate search filters with advanced filtering capabilities.

4. GPS Integration

  • Average Development Hours: 40-50
  • Average cost to integrate feature in your home service app: $800 – $1000

GPS integration is a must-have feature for any home service app to help taskers reach the customer’s location accurately without delays or misdirection. It also allows customers to track the tasker to see the estimated arrival time and if they are running late or are on time.

5. Social Media Integrations


  • Average Development Hours: 10-20
  • Average cost to integrate feature in your home service app: $200-$400


  • Average Development Hours: 15-30
  • Average price to integrate feature in your home service app: $300-$600

Any app belonging to any niche usually provides features to log in on their apps via users’ social media accounts such as Facebook and Google. Hence, you should add social media integrations to ease setting up a profile for your users.

6. Push Notifications

  • Average Development Hours: 4-8
  • Average cost to integrate feature in your home service app: $80 – $160

Push notifications are the ultimate marketing tool for any app to constantly remind users to use their services more by providing exciting deals, reminding them about an incomplete booking, and establishing other such important communications.

7. Multiple Payment Gateways Integration

  • Average Development Hours: 8-16
  • Average cost to integrate feature in your home service app: $160 – $320

Every application needs to offer various payment gateways choices to their customers, so they don’t hesitate to use your services due to challenges like unsupported payment methodology. Hence you need to integrate top payment services like digital wallets, credit cards and debit cards, PayPal, COD and more.

8. In-App Invoice

  • Average Development Hours: 12 -16
  • Average cost to integrate feature in your home service app: $240 – $320

You need to create your customized invoice with your company’s logo inside the app. In-app invoices also allow you to record information for each client, starting a business record and automating any invoice requirements in the future. It helps with sending invoices and receiving payments instantly.

9. Booking History

  • Average Development Hours: 4 -8
  • Average cost to integrate feature in your home service app: $80 – $160

App users should be able to review, track, and go through their booking history to resolve payment disputes or find their preferred tasker before booking their services again.

10. Review & Ratings

  • Average Development Hours: 8 – 10
  • Average cost to integrate feature in your home service app: $160 – $200

Your home service app users need to be able to rate and review the services of any tasker on your platform for developing a sense of responsible community on the app. Similarly, your tasker should be able to rate users who request their services, so they can complain against unprofessional behaviour from the customer end (if any) or positive behaviour for which they can be awarded through gamification.

6. Home Services App Development Cost Factor – On-demand Home Services App Categories

What type of on-demand home services app are you targeting? Do you want to develop an aggregator on-demand home services app like TaskRabbit or a specialized on-demand home services app that focuses on only one niche of services? Such decisions greatly impact the overall home services app development cost. If you need more categories, it will take longer development hours, consequently costing more money. Here are some of the most popular home fitness app categories:

Home Services App Categories Home Services App Category Services Home Services App Development Cost
Home Cleaning and Repairing Electricians $20,000 – $25,000+
Home Design & Construction Interior Designer $24,500 – $28,000+
Modular Kitchen
CCTV Cameras Installation
Interior Designer
Architect Model
Health and Wellness Yoga Expert $32,000 – $36,000+
Fitness Trainer
Services for Children Home Tutor $22,000 – $27,000+
Musical Classes
Baby Photographer
Home Appliance Repair Air Conditioner $28,000 – $32,000+
Water Purifier
Washing Machine

Decoding TaskRabbit’s Success – A cost breakdown analysis case study on TaskRabbit

What is TaskRabbit?

Founded – 2008 as RunMyErrand | Renamed – as TaskRabbit in 2010| Based in – SA, California, USA

TaskRabbit is an American online and mobile marketplace that connects freelance labour with the local demand for their services. This allows consumers to find immediate solutions for their requirements and labourers better access and get more jobs. They call their users – TaskPosters, people who are willing to outsource small day to day tasks and the labourers who are willing to take up the tasks are contacted TaskDoers/Taskers. They have over 50,000+ runners signed up on their platforms.

Value Proposition of TaskRabbit

To help working professionals catch up with their day-to-day tasks, which are otherwise too time-restricted to pay personal attention to those tasks. Their services are also useful for the elderly who could assist with their chores.

How do they assure their customers? Unique Propositions by TaskRabbit

  • Task Doers undergo a proper and thorough background check
  • They provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Taskers offer up to $10,000 for any unresolved issues with their clients
  • Allows multiple payment methods – cash and cash-free modes
  • Provide immediate wage to the Taskers on completion of job

Task Rabbit Tech Stack

Application and Data

Technology Stack Application and Data

  • MySQL
  • Ruby
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • CameraTag
  • Rails


Technology Stack Utilities

  • Google Analytics
  • Elasticsearch
  • Amazon Route 53
  • Mixpanel
  • Mandrill
  • BrainTree


Technology Stack DevOps

  • Bugsnag
  • Solano CI Server
  • Density
  • New Relic

Business Tools

Technology Stack Business Tools

  • G Suite
  • AdRoll
  • Mad Mimi
  • SnapEngage

TaskRabbit Home Services App Product and Features Offerings

Customer Panel (TaskPosters) Workers Panel (TaskDoers) Admin Panel
Profile Setup and Management Profile Creation and Management Profiles Management
Advanced Filters Job Postings with details Dashboard
Service Selection Accept or Reject the offer Categories and Subcategories Management
Service Scheduling Check Job History Verification
Profile Dashboard Check hourly or daily availability History Management
Promos & Offers Modify availability time Payment Module Management
Push Notification Payment Management Module Complaints Management
Payment Management Offers Management
Feedback and Ratings Refund Management
Help and Support Reports and Analytics

Cost to make an on-demand home services app like TaskRabbit?

on-demand home services app like TaskRabbit

So how much does it cost to make an app like TaskRabbit? Considering all the mentioned features above and other development aspects that need to be considered, here is an ultimate cost breakdown for on-demand home services app development like TaskRabbit:

Estimated Project Timeline

  • Android App Development – 24 working days
  • iOS App Development – 24 working days
  • Web, APIs, Backend Development – 28 working days
  • Bug Fixes, Testing and Final Deployment – 6 working days

Estimated Project Costing

Depending on your unique requirements, such as the number of platforms, features to be added, app development timeline, and other aspects, your cost to develop an on-demand home services app like TaskRabbit is $8000 – $12,000.

Wrapping up!

This is the ultimate guide to decode the cost of developing a home services app. Make sure to keep all these considerations in mind before starting your home services app development project.

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