How Much Does It Cost To Build A Food Delivery App Like UberEats?

Food, the demand and the need for all persons. All need a starvation diet, as no one can stay rapacious. It’s well said that with an empty stomach, one faces difficulty in working well. If your tummy is happy, the whole day will be happy. But what happens if you are dealing daily with a hectic life with no food service there for you? I think, days of focusing more on this question had gone. Today’s era is fully digitized, yes, and if you are staying far away from your family, not able to cook, then there are many apps providing services in affordable budgets for you. We will cover all the things in this article.

Intro To Some Food Delivery Apps

As we talked, that in today’s digitized era, many food delivery apps are there providing food delivery services. These food delivery apps had made the life of a person more comfortable. And one of the most common food delivery apps is UberEats. UberEats is developed by the United States and is the most popular app which is known for its best food delivery services. But a question arises, is it possible to make an app like UberEats? There are many other apps like Grubhub, Postmate, Doordash, Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda and many other apps. A huge and tough competition can be seen between these apps. Now, people are very curious to know if they can develop an app like UberEats and raised many questions. Before discussing questions, let’s have a look at some key points.

Why People Using Food Delivery Apps?

When, in today’s lifestyle people order food online, on the other hand it becomes a question for those who don’t use these apps. They usually ask what is the need to use an online app, if you can visit the restaurant and can have freshly prepared food? So, there are some main points discussed why people are using these apps? What is the need? And many others-

Saving Time-

Before visiting to a restaurant, a person usually thinks ten times that is it a good decision? Is it the right time? Did the taste of food will satisfy me? And specially, will the order be placed at the table on time?
So, ordering food saves your time. Until the food will be delivered to you till that time either you can take rest or can complete your other work or your left work.

Can See Reviews and Ratings Before Visiting-

Yes, before ordering food from any restaurant, you can see the feedback of the restaurant services and the app services. And after seeing the feedback and ratings, you can order food from the good restaurant.

Can Taste Different Cuisine’s Taste-

Online ordering gives you a chance to order food from different cuisine. Like you want to eat a Continental dish and one Chinese so you can find the two different cuisines for you and can order it.

Why only UberEats?

  • UberEats services are good and gained assurance of many people.
  • It delivers the food on time, takes less time in comparison of other apps to deliver.
  • UberEats is having the largest network in all over the world with restaurants due to which they offer better facilities.
  • The most impressive point is, it fits your budget and gives you fresh food without charging extra fees.
  • They charge a standard fee.

Now, let’s have a look at the question queries which is usually in all user’s mind. Questions are mostly dealing with UberEATS.

FAQs Linked To UberEats

Q1. Is UberEats is the only food delivery app?

No, there are many food delivery apps. And now locality- based food delivery apps development is in process.

Q2. Why UberEats is known more?

It depends on the services provided by the company. Secondly, it depends on people’s demand too on which they assure more.

Q3. How many people use UberEats?

According to a survey in September 2018-19, it was founded that out of 91 million people, 15 million are active more on UberEats.

Q4. Do UberEats pay more than Grubhub?

It depends on the number of orders taken and delivered by the delivery boy. Every company’s pay order was taken per head.

Q5. How UberEats make connections?

The app makes networks from the restaurants to the job seekers who are in need, and if they have bikes, they can join UberEats and are paid for their work.

Now, let’s have a look at Statistic Of UberEats-

Statistic Of UberEats

The trend of dining in raised many different food delivery apps. It has been observed through a survey that nowadays, people order food online more. By ordering online, small and big restaurants, cuisine and café raised their average basket to 25%. There were 67% of people in the survey who tends to visit more in restaurants other than who don’t order online.

According to Statista – In 2018, food delivery company Uber Eats held 24 percent of the total food delivery market in the United States. The company’s share of the market is predicted to rise to 27 percent by 2022.

Food Delivery App Usage Statistics - Europe
The statistic shows that UberEats is most popular in UK and France. The app was developed in United States and its services is giving worldwide. As it can be seen in the picture above, that the online demand of food increased in a very short span of time and upto 2020 the users have increased more.

  • UberEats and Deliveroo comparison is shown in the figure showing that in which country which app is more successful.
  • The users of UberEats got benefit more according to the assets, as they don’t have to pay extra charges.
  • By seeing the figure, it can be observed that in the whole world rat race of ordering online is there, but still, the public is in Catch 22.


Our Dribbble Shot - Food Delivery App

Our Dribbble Shot – Food Delivery App


UberEats Business Model

UberEats created its business model very easy and simple to understand. This online food delivery app basically works as a three-sided business model. They are getting profit by

  • They are charging a commission fee on restaurants on the orders that UberEats take for home delivery.
  • Charges paid by users/eaters and sometimes when they pay a cancellation fee, if the user cancels the order after a time.
  • Drivers are getting profit by making deliveries on time as they are paid for the per order taken by delivery boys.

And the app is also making money by advertising online and promoting with different restaurants too. If you notice its business model, it is similar to that of Uber.

(1)Stakeholders- It includes customers who order food, individuals having their own vehicles and users.

(2)Making Connections – The app allows Android and iOS users and the one who owns vehicles to register it by setting up a crew of service providers. They take commissions from the users per order and also get cancellation charges when the customer cancels the order.

(3) By Offering – For making money UberEats promote itself by giving first meal free through a promotion code. And for getting free, the public starts rat race due to which the company receives a huge amount of profit. Secondly, they are charging a standard fee and not restricting minimum order range, due to which the users also increased.

So, in short, this business model proved very effective and profitable to UberEats in which not only the company, also the restaurants from which they are dealing, and the users too are getting benefit and satisfaction. We can say it as a successful business model.

Factors that Makes UberEats Business Model Successful

Blazing Fast Delivery-

  • It promises to deliver within 30 minutes in the cities they are operating.
  • If it gets late to deliver the food, they don’t charge you, and it means you get the food for free.
  • For delivering fast, they made their connections with all the restaurants, cuisines, café and even small fashioned dhaba and bakery shops.

Concept Of No Minimum Order-

  • No meal is compulsory.
  • Can order only the snack you want to taste.

Not charges extra if you are ordering only a snack.

  • Algorithm-
  • Proved itself a top-class algorithm.
  • Organized the factors by online food delivery system.
  • Sees the order management, order allocation and order dispatch.
  • Charges Standard Fees-
  • Uber Eats charges a fixed fee.
  • The standard charges vary from $1 to $5. Usually, it is $3.
  • Marketing And Advertising Fee From Restaurant Partners-
  • Helps their restaurant partners to attract more customers.
  • Offers Customers base by brand campaigns, relatable social posts and email marketing.

Essential Features List

In today’s time, in just one click, you can order your favourite food from your favourite restaurant through online food delivery app. Even you can track the location of the food where it has reached. But as we discussed more on UberEats, questions raises that what special is there in UberEats, which is making it different from other apps. Let’s have an eye on these features-

(1) App’s Intelligence–

As we know, the app runs on android phone and iPhone too. UberEats now is the attention of all users. One can see the list of restaurants with images, images of the food they want to order, provide a list of the nearest restaurant too. The app suggests cuisines which provides more tasty food. So, from a button, a user can choose what they want.

(2) Pre-Ordering Facility –

As already discussed, people now dealing with a busy schedule can order anywhere they want. So, UberEats provides you with the facility of ordering your food an hour before and your food will reach to you at the time you want. Not only an hour before service is given, but you can also give your order one week before, like for your parties or any occasions.

(3) Order Anywhere You Want –

The UberEats app not only delivers food to your home or office. If you are in places like hospitals and parks or any other places, you can order from there too and can keep an eye by tracking the food through the app.
These are some features which make it different and advanced from other food delivery apps.

What Will You Get?

Ordering food online from the app like UberEats gives many benefits. As it had made the largest network of drivers and restaurants, you will get your order within the given time limit. It gives you the benefit of fast and rapid delivery due to which you can enjoy a fresh meal wherever you want. Secondly, if you order upto a range of $15 for the selected UberEats restaurants, you will be not charged any delivery fee. It means free delivery of the order you made from the menu. Next, it offers a promotion code and coupons. If you are a first time user and uses promotion code all your order is for free. Then whenever you order in bulk, you win coupons which you can use later on whenever you want for the next order. So you are having a happy meal and that’s the thing which matters.

Cost To Develop an App Like UberEats

If you also want to develop an app like UberEats, you can, but stop! Before taking a step to develop food delivery app, you should go through some surveys and should collect raw data and information related to the app development. There are two types of models which show the facilities of the food delivery app which it must include. The first one is the Aggregator model.

  • In this model, the possibilities are made to meet needer and feeder at one platform.
  • In this model, one can make an order from the menu and can take it, as delivery facilities are not provided.
  • The Aggregator model only receives your order and prepares it, but lacks delivery facilities.
  • The app makes connections with these restaurants and gains profit.

Then, the other one is Platform With Logistic Support.

  • In this model, the app is provided with the tracking facility of food, feedback, ratings and other features too.
  • You can track your food and can enjoy the taste on time.
  • For developing food delivery app like UberEats, you need sufficient knowledge of this industry. Startups should have connections with more than 20 restaurants/cuisines. They should have an arrangement of delivery boys so that you can create a partnership with restaurants who are not having online delivery facilities and can start your business.

Generally, the cost of developing On-demand food delivery apps like Uber Eats or Grubhub would be around $15,000 to $25,000 (according to assets not with perfection or evidence). But when you are going to make a web app for restaurants, the money range can extend upto $40k. Upto the year 2020, it is said that normally it will cost approximately 50K to 60K along with initial basic monthly maintenance cost.

Yes, you read it right… We had ready-made solution, which you will get it as complete white-label solution.

You must be amazed how we can provide it at such cost effective cost?

Because we had already developed it and now it will not needed any other development thing in it…

Benefits you will Get

  • Entire Solution in Just 3K USD
  • No Longer Development Waiting Time
  • Complete white-labeled Solution

Alternate To UberEats

In alternate to UberEats there are many apps like

  • Swiggy
  • Zomato
  • Grubhub
  • Foodpanda
  • Doordash

Many food delivery apps are in a line on which many people assure. If someone wants to order food from any other app which fits their pocket, they can happily order from the app they want. And now other local apps are also available which shows the restaurants of nearby areas and soon have become an alternate option of UberEats.


Developing an app like UberEats require tech team and developers. Before creating an app, one should be ready for the characters like good leadership, creative, innovative, which can add different advanced and new features in the app and can raise your market. If you are in the developing phase, make sure that your app has a greater user interface, easy navigation and the latest features should be added. Time to time you should update the features and quality of the app and you should always be ready to solve problems like network traffic and other network issues so that your app can run fluently without any problem. As we discussed a lot about UberEats, we can say launching an app is not a juicy catch at all. We have to see all the minor things before launching an app.

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