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Are you aiming to build an online medicine app like Practo? Here is a comprehensive guide for getting a doctor on demand cost estimation per your budget and app requirements.

The average cost of doctor on demand apps ranges from $25,000 – $70,000. General hourly rates for a doctor on demand app developers range from $25-$150 per hour.

The need for medical necessities is only going to increase with passing years. However, with the coming time and pandemic outbreaks, it can get more difficult for people to step out and visit their doctors’ clinics for basic consultation requirements. This realization gave rise to the sudden popularity of doctor appointment apps, online medicine delivery apps and other such doctor-on-demand app solutions.

Now patients can call a doctor at home, get their medicines delivered to their door, and more. The same solution has helped doctors extend their services and reach more patients, from their physical clinics to virtually serving anyone with a mobile phone, internet and an illness to be cured. With features like video calling, chatting, sending and receiving documents and tracking symptoms, dr. on demand apps will only be more and more widely accepted by the masses in the coming years.

The Present Scenario – Doctor on Demand App Stats

Doctor booking apps in recent years have changed the landscape of the overall healthcare and medicine sector. They are not only providing comfort and ease to the patients/users to get medicinal facilities from the comfort of their homes, but it is also helping doctors and medical organizations extend and expand their services. So naturally, there is an evident rise in the demand for healthcare development applications and organizations are now and the doctor on-demand app development cost is an obvious concern for all.

Telemedicine App Usage Stats

  1. 74% of millennials prefer Telehealth appointments to in-person doctor exams.
  2. 89% of patients are willing to accept Telemedicine as a sufficient form of medical care.
  3. 93% of clinicians believe Telemedicine is an acceptable treatment method.
  4. 60% believe Telemedicine is an effective method of patient care.

Benefits of Doctor-on-Demand Apps

Benefits of Doctor on Demand

1. Immediate Medical Services

Patients can get quick access to emergency medical services and daily consulting services by using a doctor consultation app. They can use the app anytime, anywhere and always have reliable access to advanced healthcare tools for better treatment.

2. Brand Value Improvement

By accepting and integrating doctor on-demand services, you can take your brand value and business potential to new horizons. It becomes easier to reach out to more patients and convincing them to use your services. You can also instantly gather important details about your patients, like their email, contact, and other important data points.

3. Appointment Scheduling

Online doctor apps can help you book appointments with your preferred doctors based on their availability and schedule on your preferred timings. Similarly, doctors can also schedule an appointment date and time as per their availability. The ability to log and record these important details over an online doctor consultation app helps both patients and doctors to avoid confusion and have a systematic record of their appointments.

4. Reduced Overhead Costs and Fees

Doctors generally charge high consulting fees when you meet them personally in their clinic, as they need to cover the operating expenses of keeping their clinic running. When doctors shift their business entirely to online doctor app platforms, they save up on many arbitrary expenses, reducing their consultation fees significantly. This benefits the patients, as they have to pay a lesser price for the same service from the comfort of their homes.

Complete Doctor Appointment App Solution

Now that you are convinced to build your doctor appointment app for your telemedicine/ telehealthcare services, you should understand that an effective appointment app solution will need three different apps to provide complete and efficient healthcare services. An effective way to understand this is first to identify the stakeholders in the overall telemedicine app services.

Who are the main stakeholders in telemedicine app services?

-The patients and the doctors!

Naturally, you cannot have a single app that serves both the patients and the doctors. Just like in a cab booking app solution, you have a drivers’ app and a customers’ app; the same logic is also applied in telemedicine apps. Hence, for doctor appointment app, you need the following three apps –

Complete Doctor Appointment App Solution

  • Patient’s App
  • Doctor’s App
  • Admin Panel

Must-have features of Telemedicine Apps

Now that we have established what we need to keep in mind before starting our telemedicine app development journey, we should look at some of the must-have telemedicine app features to ensure that our app is competent in the market, useful for the stakeholders fully functional and independent. So, here are some of the must-have features for your next doctor booking app project.

1. Patient App Features

Features Description
Email Signup/Login Basic login features, ideal for adding social media logins for easier access.
Profiles For patients to add their name, address, sex, age, medical history and other vital data.
In-app Chat/Video Easy to use chat and clear video quality for doctors to diagnose patient’s health accurately.
Appointment or Home Visit Book a doctor as per their schedule and availability.
Loyalty Program Attractive offers for patients to get motivated to use telemedicine apps by providing them incentives and benefits.
Real-time Doctor Tracking Track how far your doctor is and how long it will take them to reach your destination.
Advanced Search Add search filters like location, ratings, specialization and more.
Payment Gateways Offer a variety of payment options like a credit card, insurance, employee coverage and coupons.
Maps Geolocation of hospitals and clinics for patients to easily reach their location.

2. Doctor App Features

Features Description
Email Signup/Login Basic login features, ideal for adding social media logins for easier access.
Accept/Reject Appointment The ability for doctors to assess an appointment request briefly before accepting or declining it.
Video Call Easy to use chat and clear video quality for doctors to diagnose patient’s health accurately.
Appointment Status Show completed ongoing and scheduled appointments.
Prescription Log and Tracker A systematic record of all prescriptions to all patients for easier patient management.
Patient Progression Chart A systematic record of patients’ health for helping doctors to make better decisions.
Earning Checker A place where doctors can check how much they have earned or
Maps Geolocation of hospitals and clinics for hospitals and patients.

3. Admin Portal Features

Features Description
Verification of Doctor Profiles Assess all doctors’ files before verifying them as a trusted doctor on the app.
Notifications Manage push notifications to both patient and doctor’s app.
Users and Doctor Management Manage user and doctor profile rights, permissions, accessibility and other such important aspects.
Real-time Analytics Analyze and record important stats like completed treatments, timely payment and more.
CMS for Articles and News Create a website for relevant medical news and articles.

Team Required To Develop Doctor on Demand App

For any on-demand app development process, there are certain talents that you need to hire for different stages and phases of the overall project. It is important to know the possible talents you will need to hire to estimate the cost of the doctor demand app.

Team to Build Doctor on Demand

1. Project Managers

Doctor on demand cost for hiring project managers – $42/hour

A project manager is the leader responsible for planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing all the projects. They are the ones that are accountable for the entire project scope.

2. iOS Developers

Doctor on demand cost for hiring iOS developers – $44/hour

If you are planning to develop a purely native iOS doctor on-demand app solution, you will need to hire iOS Developers & skilled professionals who have worked on iOS app development and have a sound knowledge of the medical field.

3. Android Developers

Doctor on demand cost for hiring Android developers – $38/hour

If you plan to cater to Android users by Android App Development, you will need to hire pre-vetted Android developers who have the right skills and experience in developing on-demand apps.

4. Graphic Designers

Doctor on demand cost for hiring Graphic Designers – $20/hour

Efficient graphic designers are pivotal for creating the most appealing UI driving the best user experience for appealing to your audience. They must also have a perfect balance of design and utility to design the most effective on-demand doctor app.

5. QA Testers

Doctor on demand cost for hiring QA Testers – $27/hour

You need to hire certified and dedicated QA testers who are meticulous in ensuring proper testing and evaluation of your telemedicine app to identify and help remove bugs, glitches and any additional features that add no value to your overall app offering.

6. Backend App Developers

Doctor on demand cost for hiring Backend App Developers – $29/hour

It is important to hire experienced backend developers, as they are responsible for creating, maintaining, testing and debugging the entire backend operations of your on-demand doctor app.

Tech Stack needed for building Doctor Consultation App

Now that you know the type of apps and the many talents you need to hire for developing your best online doctor consultation app, we should also focus on the technology stack you need for a complete on-demand doctor app solution. Here is a list of all possible doctor app tech stacks that you will need:

Doctor ConsultationApp Tech

Doctor App Tech Stack Categories Doctor App Technology List
Frontend Java, Swift, CSS, HTML, React, Angular
Backend Laravel, Node.js, Python
Platforms Android, iOS, Web Application
Push Notifications, SMS, In-App Messaging Twillo,, Batch
Payment Processing Stripe API, PayPal API, Braintree SDK
Database MongoDB, HBase, Postgress, Cassandra
Cloud Environment Google Cloud, Azure, AWS
Real-time Tracking Cisco, BigData, Spark, Apache Flink, IBM, Google Maps API
Location Tracking MapKit(iOS), Google Maps SDK (Android)
Social Logins Google, Facebook, Twitter API

How to Monetize On-Demand Doctor Apps?

Now we have everything we need for developing the best online medicine app. However, the reason behind developing most apps is to earn revenue from them. Hence, we need to find ways of gathering money from these health-related apps. Here are some effective on-demand doctor app monetization strategies:

Doctor Appointment Apps Monetization Model

1. Software as a Service

Any private medical institute needs to license an app for conducting their private practices using that app. You can charge the hospitals who join your app to provide their services for providing them a platform to reach that many patients.

2. Membership

The most straightforward, genuine and easily acceptable method of monetizing your on-demand doctor app is to provide memberships of different levels. For instance, you can have bronze, silver, gold and platinum memberships and provide more and more premium features to the users who opt for the more expensive memberships. The app users can be charged a monthly or a yearly fee to use your telemedicine app services.

3. Transaction Fee

Though this can be very expensive for the users, you can charge the patients on a per-minute basis for their visits if you have a business model that can justify this monetization method.

Factors affecting Cost to Develop a Doctor Appointment App

Now that we have covered all important aspects of what we need for developing a doctor appointment app, we need to think, ‘how much does doctor on demand cost?’  Setting a budget for your doctor on demand app will help you make important business decisions about how to go about your on-demand app development process. Here are some factors you should keep in mind –

Doctor Appointment App Development Cost Factors

1. Location of your App Development Company

Country Average Doctor-on-demand cost
USA $150-$250
Europe $120-$180
India $30-$80

If you outsource your app development project to an IT company, the costs for the doctor on demand app will vary greatly depending on where your outsourcing partner is situated. Depending on the geographical location of the mobile app development company, their minimum wages, average salaries and cost of living would differ significantly. This directly impacts the average hourly rates of hiring their developers and using their app development services. As you can see, hiring an offshore doctor on-demand app development company from India is the most cost-effective option.

2. Features needed for your On-Demand Doctor App

Average Doctor-on-demand cost – Depends on the project requirements

The number of features in your telemedicine app is also important to consider when calculating the overall cost for the doctor on demand app. A basic medicine delivery app will cost lesser than a doctor-on-demand app and so on.

3. UI/UX Design

Average Doctor-on-demand cost – $1500-$3000

One of the most challenging and rewarding tasks for any mobile app development is to develop a great UI/UX design as both the apps – for patients and doctors will have separate flows, structures and paths. UI/UX design also plays an important role in the overall doctor on demand app development cost.

4. Platform Choices

Average Doctor-on-demand cost – $1500-$3000

You will launch your app on Android, iOS or both platforms when its developed. When you initially decide which platforms to launch your on-demand doctor app on, it is advisable to go with hybrid mobile app development solutions if you plan to target both platforms. However, if you are planning on focusing on strictly iOS or strictly Android, native app development though more expensive, is a better choice for developing a feature-packed telemedicine app. The cost of your doctor on demand app will greatly depend on your platform choice – Android, iOS or both.

5. Frontend and Backend Development

Average Doctor-on-demand cost – $10,000-$20,000

Frontend developers focus on the native mobile app that the end-users will use. This includes taking care of interactive user experience, utilizing useful and secure APIs and other such tasks. You will also need an effective backend development team who can manage databases, servers, middleware and so on. Hence, it is important to allocate some budget to frontend and backend developers in your overall doctor on demand app development budget.

6. Web Development

Average Doctor-on-demand cost – $10,000-$20,000

You will need a team of efficient web app developers who can create your Admin Portal app for managing both doctors and patients. It is important to hire a team of experts that have worked on medical solutions before to ensure they know all the right components to be added to your doctor booking web app. Hence,

7. Project Management

Average Doctor-on-demand cost – $4500-$6000

Any effective app development process requires highly skilled and proactive project managers who can coordinate between different specialists in the doctor on-demand app development process to get the desired result as effectively and quickly as possible. You also need to invest in project management tools like Trello, Asana, Slack, and other such tools for ensuring smooth communication and coordination throughout the process.

8. Third-Party App Integration

  3rd Party Integration Service Feature Integration Cost
Social API Google Maps Navigation or Geolocation Access $800
Facebook API Authentication & Authorizing $600
Payment API PayPal 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
Braintree 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
Stripe 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
Square 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

App integrations can help elevate your on-demand doctor app’s capabilities and provide a much better user experience and convenience to your users. For instance, if you use social media APIs to provide an easier login method for your users, they would be more inclined to create their accounts instead of adding their email ids and passwords. You would also need payment gateway integrations for a seamless payment procedure. These are significant elements of your online doctor app and need to be considered when discussing the overall doctor on demand app development cost.

9. App Maintenance and Monitoring

Average Doctor-on-demand cost – $8000-$12,000

The larger your on demand doctor app is more the maintenance cost is going to be. Maintenance and monitoring are important aspects of app development that need special attention to ensure a smooth user experience and a bug-free app experience.

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Wrapping Up!

This is your ultimate guide to the doctor on demand app development cost. Keep all these points in consideration before starting your next on-demand doctor app project. Make sure only to add required features for your target audience and not waste resources and development hours on designing and developing unwanted elements.

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